Pablo Casado y Carlos Iturgaiz participan en el homenaje a José Manuel Zamarreño

Announces that the PP will support the decree for the "new normal" and Nadia Calviño at the head of the Eurogroup "as she has always done" her training with the Spanish candidates

He asks not to recognize those who have not yet condemned the 850 terrorist murders and demands that they do so because "it is not too much to ask."

"When we talk about the 850 ETA victims in Spain, we must keep remembering why they died, why they were vilely murdered and what they lived for," he says.

He praises the figure of Manuel Zamarreño as "an example of honest life, of love for his land and freedom."

He criticizes that there are parliamentarians who visit the terrorist Txapote in the Huelva prison, who, as a judge has determined, participated in the murder of Zamarreño.

It vindicates the work of all the Democrats, judges, prosecutors and FCSE who did not allow impunity to exist and defeated the terrorists.

He assures that as PP president he has "the moral obligation to continue the fight on behalf of the victims, to overcome this historical drama, that serves as an example to our children and that history does not repeat itself."

"The cause that must unite us is freedom and the future of all," he stresses.

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