Pablo Casado y Carlos Iturgaiz visitan la empresa Zoleror

The PP leader demands that COVID funds go to public and concerted public education to avoid discrimination in families' freedom of choice. "The ideological sectarianism" of the PSOE cannot have a place in the reconstruction proposals or in the post-COVID period, "he says.

He defends dual vocational training and criticizes that the Government “persists in its error” regarding special education.

Bet on a crash plan that includes a tax cut, the reduction of bureaucratic obstacles and labor costs to get out of the economic crisis.

He reproaches the Executive that he has left behind a quarter of a million workers who have not yet received the ERTE and calls for them to be extended until the end of the year, especially in the most affected sectors such as tourism.

It requires the Government to make a firm commitment to the industry, giving legal certainty and reducing labor and bureaucratic costs, and it sets itself the goal of increasing the weight of the sector from 16% to 20% of GDP.

He hopes that Sánchez stops making fake news regarding the PP's position in Europe and remembers that the popular ones have supported the candidacy of Nadia Calviño and proposed the European reconstruction fund.

He points out that "the INE has returned to pour a jug of cold water on the green sprouts that the Government was already singing" and stresses that the IMF and the OECD assure that Spain is the European country that is reacting the worst to the economic consequences of the pandemic.

Calls on the government "less triumphalism" to take the necessary measures to create employment, "because this is the only way to collect" and warns that "in the second half of the year, our hair will stand on end" with the economic data that is known • He assures that the Health Reconstruction Commission "advances", while claiming the PP Cajal State Pact, and advocates that care for the elderly "is out of partisan confrontation."

He affirms that the alternative to the left in the Basque Country is the PPCs coalition and recalls that voting for the PNV is "propping up" Sánchez and Iglesias "for years."

"Urkullu will find it difficult to explain why he has supported Sánchez's economic policy: there are many Basques who are concerned about what is happening on this earth," he points out.

He denounces that the economy in the Basque Country has suffered in recent months, calls for an economic and industrial revival plan and regrets that the PNV has not lowered taxes "which would have allowed the region to compete internationally".

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