Pablo Casado en Barcelona

Announces that the PP has presented a legislative initiative so that compliance with the Constitution in the oath of the deputies is based strictly on the legal forecast

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has described today in Barcelona as "very worrying" that Pedro Sánchez and the independentistas are going to hide until May 26 that they have already agreed on "pardons for pardons". "Yesterday we saw the concealment of a premeditated strategy of Sánchez and Junqueras that leads to the pardons; this is what it looks like, green and with handles "; "Yesterday we saw the photo of the legislature that awaits us: the independentistas sending on Sánchez", he said.

Casado has asked Sánchez and the separatists to stop deceiving Spanish society that "does not deserve a government that wants to deceive the Spaniards with a disguise of false moderation."

In this regard, the president of the PP regretted that "some want the Congress to become" the same show that unfortunately has become the Parlament of Catalonia. " Thus, has denounced "the grotesque concave mirrors we saw in the attitudes of the independence, with the connivance and complicity of the PSOE and the PSC, in the face of these unacceptable behaviors."


At this point, the popular president has announced a battery of measures that the PP has raised "from responsible and implacable opposition" for the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, and the president himself, adopt "immediately."

In the first place, the PP has asked that the formulas of compliance of the Constitution that each deputy used in the constituent session of the Lower House be analyzed. In his opinion, there are several deputies "who are not," because yesterday they used a formula that "is not acceptable."

For Married yesterday we attended "a real derision to the Spanish Constitution" because there were those who accepted the Magna Carta swearing as political prisoners, claiming October 1 or sheltering in the alleged republic of Catalonia. "That is not a legal imperative, it is a humiliation to the Constitution" and the PP considers that they have not gone from elected deputies to parliamentarians "with all their functions," he said.

Thus, he explained that the PP has presented a legislative initiative so that compliance with the Constitution in the oath of the deputies is based strictly on the legal forecast, and that there are no creative formulas or offensive against legality or against national sovereignty.


The popular president has also stated that the elected prisoners could commit something similar to "perjury". Married has suggested "analyze if the perjury figure, which is present in other legal systems, ie swear knowing that you do it falsely or swear knowing that you do so offensive against the law itself, is constitutive of some criminal complaint." "This is not only in force in the US but in other legal systems and not only in judicial processes, but also for institutional formulas in which someone acquires the status of server, officer or public representative."

Likewise, Pablo Casado has asked that the deputies involved in criminal proceedings opened by the Supreme Court be suspended. In his opinion, Batet has not convened the Bureau of Congress because "they are waiting for the elections to pass to continue teaching the letters they have in negotiations with the pro-independence".

The popular leader has also considered that "the prosecution should act" because they have failed to comply with judicial instructions such as the prohibition that prisoners could take pictures when they went to accredit the Congress. For Married "in a democracy forms are very important and the fund protects us all from illegality".

In another vein, the president of the PP has expressed his concern and that of all Spanish democrats by the fact that Sanchez tells the ERC leader not to worry. "We are worried that Junqueras does not worry," he says. Married has remembered that the PSOE already has agreed with ERC and ICV twice in Catalonia with two tripartite and have gone three times together to the Senate with the Entesa; he warns that now it seems clear that the only sum for the investiture of Sanchez goes through the union of PSOE, Podemos and ERC.


Finally, Pablo Casado has influenced one of the proposals that the PP carries in its electoral program and which calls for the modification of the Euroorden to incorporate two new cases of immediate delivery of criminals sought by the justice of the Member States: the crime of rebellion and the crime of sedition. With this the PP claims that "we do not have to see fugitives from justice living in mansions in Waterloo or Belgian and German courts deciding on a TS of Spain."

The popular president has also stressed that the PP will ask in Europe to end the representation "misnamed diplomatic." "We demand that it be closed diplocat because the commercial offices that have the autonomies can not become embassies that insult the national sovereignty, democracy and the fundamental rights that in Spain are guaranteed, "he said.

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