Pablo Casado visita A Pobra do Caramiñal (A Coruña)

He states that "there is instability, uncertainty and mismanagement of the crisis"

He stresses that Feijóo has not only managed the pandemic well, but "has spent 11 years fighting for Galicia and putting the interests of his countrymen before the parliamentary agenda of his party."

He points out that "in Galicia, to the economic and health crisis, a political crisis cannot be added".

He assures that on Sunday the participation in the electoral day will be "fully safe" since the Xunta de Galicia will ensure that the electoral colleges have all the measures of social distancing and disinfection to exercise the vote.

"It is as safe to go to an electoral college as to go to the pharmacy or to a store to run an errand," he says.

Remember that the Xunta de Galicia "has led by example" because it has been the first to take action against the coronavirus.

He asks for "tranquility to exercise the right to vote and responsibility" and assures that the alternative to the PP is a "concoction of ten parties that want to unite to overthrow Feijóo".

Appeals to Ribera and Sánchez so that the Government attends the amendment presented by the PP and withdraws from the climate change law the requirement to end the establishments located in the land-based maritime zone, such as cookers or canneries, because it would make the economic sustainability of the sector.

He explains that, as the law is now proposed, it would mean the end of the sector because they could not assume the investments that would have to have to move 5, 10 or 15 km inland.

Criticizes the actions of the Government of Sánchez in Galicia and cites as examples the closure of the As Pontes plant, the case of Alcoa and the “clearly insufficient” aid to the automotive sector.

He thanks the professionals in the fishing sector who did not miss their work during the pandemic to maintain supplies.

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