Holders of their statements before the media;

  • “The PP cannot be complicit in a negotiation in which the constitutional order and the system of the Transition are put into stock; Our responsibility is to be an alternative to this Government. ”
  • Casado to Sánchez: I've been waiting for your call for 15 days and I represent a party that doesn't deserve to be humiliated.

  • He affirms that "Sánchez is the problem", which he has already chosen "burning his ships" by agreeing with Podemos and points out that he has not even explored agreements with C’s, with which he agreed in 2016.

  • He insists that Sanchez still does not give up the Pedralbes roadmap, something that remains in effect on the La Moncloa website. "I tried to warn in the campaign that this could happen and Pedro Sánchez would return to the mountain," he adds.

  • Confirms that “there is no safeguard for Sanchez to leave his road map, rather than take a step back or for the PSOE to make a statement that he has changed his position to exclude the PP and to have preferential partners for the extreme left and independence "

  • It dismantles the theories of a possible coalition, because “you cannot sit in a blue bank with a president who is laundering the independence workers”, and of an abstention, because once invested, “he would agree budgets and governance policies with all those who they made president in the motion of censure ”.

  • “What kind of miracle is expected of the PP that did not get his companions ceasing him as general secretary? Does anyone believe that Sánchez will embrace the constitutionalist position in Catalonia by reaching an agreement with the PP, when he does not return the call to us?

  • He says he is willing, as he has always done, even in the most difficult times, to agree on State issues with the PSOE, but not to make Pedro Sánchez president.

  • He demands an explanation from Sánchez after recognizing the PSC that Spain is plurinational and Catalonia is a nation. "Where is Sánchez, who has not appeared for 12 days, what is he doing with governance and what does he intend to do with the country?"

  • He accuses Sánchez of having three ministers in his Government who were advisors to Chaves and Griñán at the stage of the EREs.

  • “Sanchez has to give explanations of the biggest scandal of public funds defrauded in Spain and in Europe, so if he silences, he grants. What happens is that he owes the post to the Socialist Party of Andalusia. ”

  • He affirms that gender violence is a “State question in which we should all go together,” and recalls that during the PP Government, all parties around the State Pact against Gender Violence were endowed, endowed with one billion euros.

  • He believes that it is necessary to “continue putting a budget on the table to protect the victims of gender violence” and to persist in this “fight without quarter”.

  • He transfers all his solidarity to the families of the victims of this social scourge and reminds victims of gender violence that “you are not alone” and that “all of Spain is by your side to get out of that maze in which these criminals try them to put".

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