It claims the “generosity” of the Spain Suma project: “It is an intelligent, serious and necessary proposal”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, explained that he does not want "the vote of fear or anger" and that "he does not want fear or anger among Spaniards." "What I want is the vote for an inclusive and true project that fosters social progress, because wherever we have governed people it has always been better," he said.

During the plenary meeting of the parliamentary groups of the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, the popular leader has expressed his condolences and condolences for the death of the two Spanish military in an aviation accident yesterday in the Mar Menor.

In his speech, Casado has claimed the “generosity” of the formula of Spain Sum in which the PP accepted a sacrifice for the defense of the general interest: "It is an intelligent, serious and necessary proposal that would have avoided this situation of blockade." "We have to unite to win, we have to win to be able to govern and only by governing can we unite Spain," he added.

Pablo Casado recalled that “the fragmentation of the vote in the center and the right is the greatest lifeguard of Pedro Sánchez,” which is based on his electoral strategy. In Casado's opinion, “Sánchez is the one who has sought the elections and has achieved it, but you have to go out to win and play fair with the sole objective of serving Spain and the Spaniards, which is our reason for being”.

In this sense, Pablo Casado has criticized that Sanchez has put the "handbrake" in this legislature, because it has caused Spain "to have a spin". "Sanchez has been more concerned with the polls and the squaring of the circle than the interests of Spain," he continued. In this context, Casado has praised the figure of King Felipe VI throughout the process against "short-term, low flying and the low lights of Sanchez".


Likewise, the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, said that "this legislature has been the chronicle of the failure announced and sought by Sánchez" and has claimed the position of the PP, which "has been up to par, has acted consistently and has not made sharp turns or changes of position ”

Likewise, the popular leader has recalled how the PP has been “the antidote to the blockade and has closed government pacts in about a thousand municipalities, with discretion and respect for the adversary”.

The leader of the PP has asked all its deputies that the Popular Party open "its doors and windows wide" to show itself as the party that has always been able to come who wanted to conquer the best for Spain: "everyone's with the PP ”.

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