Casado about Sánchez's meeting with Torra: “I don't want to witness the scorn of seeing a man entering La Moncloa with a yellow tie on his lapel. Sanchez cannot allow someone to enter with an emblem that insults Spanish democracy, ”he says

  • It is considered a “shame of others” that Sanchez tries to “turn the regional presidents into comparsas and daring” to recover the bilateralism demanded by the independentistas. "It's dressing something that is still naked," he says
  • Urges Sanchez, after a year of “blackout and contempt” to the presidents of the PP, take the opportunity to respond to their demands and ask the socialist barons if they will reject the denomination of “political conflict” and the 8 nations of Iceta
  • "Sanchez has alternatives and if he chooses ERC, it is because he wants to keep the partridge from getting dizzy," he says in reference to the possibility of exploring the abstention of Citizens and even the affirmative vote of Navarra Sum in the investiture.
  • He blames Sanchez for not promoting the modification of the euroorder of automatic delivery for those convicted of rebellion and sedition, and he remembers that the PP has been warning about it for months because it was "seen coming" what could happen with Puigdemont
  • Advances that the PP will make a firm opposition so that no independence party "mediates the politics and future of Spain"
  • He considers that "Sánchez's credibility is nil." “He is freely choosing his negotiation, his partners, and his idea of ​​Spain,” he emphasizes
  • He describes Torra as “puppet of Puigdemont” and criticizes that he has already said that he will demand Sanchez bilaterally and other issues that Sanchez already accepted in Pedralbes

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