If the PP gets a seat more than the PSOE we will reach governance formulas with all constitutionalist parties

The president of the Popular Party claims "to do more and talk less", as well as "less breaking, last minute taps and tactical attempts to improve a personal or party position"

Ask the parties that do not want Sánchez to govern if they are willing to avoid that in provinces where they are unable to get representation, their votes become “remains” that the PSOE, Podemos or Bildu takes away

Casado undertakes in Galicia that in 2030 the weight of the industrial sector represents 20% of the national GDP, basing this policy on 5 elements:

1. A sustainable industrial model, committed to ecological transition and compatible with economic development

2. Support for financial stability because long-term investments require a stable financial framework

3. Competitive energy costs.

4. Strong support for industry 4.0

5. Education as a key element to be competitive, with an FP that helps entrepreneurship and a commitment to bilingualism and technological matters

The popular leader claims industrial employment as a great national objective and emphasizes that the industry is synonymous with quality employment, innovation, design, exports and long-term investments

Pablo Casado says that "Galicians deserve to continue having the best president in their history, Alberto Núñez Feijóo"

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