Holders of their intervention in a meeting with affiliates and supporters:

  • The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has pledged today in Teruel to promote a National Plan against Depopulation “as an absolute priority” of his government after the November 10 elections.
  • For its implementation, it has broken down measures such as the National Maternity Strategy, which includes facilities for young people at the time of emancipation, with support for housing and work and family conciliation, as well as the extension of maternity leave.
  • "All this with the goal that whoever wants to have a family has it easier."
  • Along the same lines, Casado has committed itself to the primary sector, of which the peoples live, and to fight for it “in the face of a dog”, so that Spain achieves the best possible conditions in the negotiation of the CAP that takes place in the EU.
  • Likewise, he referred to the need for all the peoples of Spain to be connected by broadband and for social services to focus on small municipalities, where their provision is more expensive.
  • "Municipalities demand more flexibility and less bureaucratic regulation that prevents people from wanting to live in the countryside."
  • Finally, it has proposed to favor entrepreneurship in the rural environment, as well as tax relief to those who access or rehabilitate homes in the villages.

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