• Casado is committed to Transition and Concord: “The 10N does not vote on our past, happily past, but on our future”
  • He recalls the historian Santos Juliá and endorses his words: “The past is past, and we have the obligation to know it. We cannot get tangled up in their networks because today is not yesterday ”
  • Denounces that with the PSOE Spain generates three times less employment than with the PP and that unemployment drops 10 times less than with popular executives. “I worry about these figures because it rains on wet”, he emphasizes
  • He underlines his commitment to “return to united Spain”, job creation and tax cuts, after knowing today that more than one million Spanish households have all their members unemployed
  • He affirms that these are the issues that politicians have to talk about, and remember that with Zapatero “three million people went to unemployment and families didn't make ends meet”
  • He points out that with the economic policies of the PSOE, more than 30,000 freelancers have closed their businesses in this last quarter and there are already 8,000 fewer entrepreneurs than last year. "Everything, despite the fact that the Government is committed to public spending and employment," he adds
  • It requires the Government to deploy diplomacy with the United States to defend commercial interests with Spain “from you to you”, instead of sending delegations to Cuba for the visit of the Kings
  • He affirms that the economic crisis is also “primed” with the rural environment and, therefore, calls for policies to promote birth, proximity services and less bureaucracy.
  • Highlights the commitment of the PP to negotiate a common agricultural and agro-industrial policy, which generates 9% of GDP and employs 12% of Spaniards

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