Cross out of "unacceptable" that Sanchez speaks of unlocking when it is "synonymous with blocking", and remember that, despite having had four different options to agree "he has not wanted to unlock the situation or, worse, he has not known how to do it"

“Sanchez cannot wear the disguise of the one who is going to unlock the political situation, just like someone who creates a fire cannot wear the fireman's helmet”

“Pedro Sánchez broke his party to not facilitate a government, broke up with Podemos to not depend on him, broke up with Cs so as not to divide the power, and with the PP, with which he had agreed on 155, in order to reach the Government through a motion of censure ”

He affirms that this “is not about unlocking, but whose is the alternative to Sánchez. Only the PP can win, and only then will Spain be unlocked. ”

“We are going to win the elections, we are with the real Spain, with the Spain that rises early. We are the best guarantee to improve the lives of Spaniards and ensure the best country for their children ”

“Sanchez has a lot of ego and I have a lot of equipment. Sanchez has the worst balance behind him and I have the game he has done most for the unity and prosperity of the Spaniards. That is what sets us apart. ”

He describes as a “bad joke” that Sánchez says that the PP has no economic credibility, when it was the PSOE, with him as a deputy, who froze the pensions, destroyed 3,500,000 jobs and left the Health Bank

He says that the "only economic reference of the PSOE is the lie", because it says "one thing outside Spain and another inside, one thing in Madrid and another in Andalusia"

Announces that "the PP will base its campaign on the economy", and proposes Sánchez "a face-to-face debate" on economic, international, social policy and the future of Spain

“We are in time to stop the crisis. Faced with the paralysis and demagogy of the PSOE, the PP proposes solutions and be next to the citizens ”

When asked about how pensioners get a better pension, young people have a house, that there are more hospitals or more infrastructures, he answers that “with more employment. Everything is financed with employment. And it's just what the PSOE has never been able to do ”

“Our party is the only one that unites the Spaniards. In Spain there is a territorial, generational, economic, and social fracture, which the socialist government is not solving. The PP has always closed this scar ”

Bet on returning to “Spain that wants to walk together. We want to propose a suggestive project in positive of common life ”

He points out that the Madrid list combines the values ​​of "team, experience and openness to society", which shows that we are "prepared to return to the Government." "Spain is not for jokes, there is a crisis," he says

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