El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado


  1. "The names of these experts must be public and the Spanish have the right to know which committee is going to decide on their lives," he stresses.

  2. "If we do not have a test to recover normality, it is as if the masks instead of protecting our nose and mouth, we had them on
    eyes ”.

  3. He calls for the de-escalation to be done more by social strata than by time slots and affects the massive tests so as not to go blind "and be able to recover economic life and normalcy safely and without risks."

  4. It calls for the consensus of all political parties to allocate up to 2% of GDP to R&D in this type of technology, which is capable of manufacturing up to a million tests per week in Spain.

  5. He emphasizes his support to all the professionals who with their effort are developing tests and research on vaccines. "This national industry is protecting us, trying to come up with effective solutions beyond confinement so that the virus does not wreak further havoc."

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