Holders of his intervention:

  • Casado makes Sánchez directly responsible if he does not guarantee the safety of Catalans who want to vote in freedom on 10-N, have peace of mind in the day of reflection and the security of the Royal Family tomorrow in Catalonia
  • He reminds Sanchez that he has forced elections knowing that the ruling of the Supreme Court, with which there could be violent episodes, was going to take place before the date of 10-N
  • He believes that he is also responsible because the constitutionalist parties “gave him support, when we met him” to do something and, in particular, the PP asked him to break alliances with the nationalists, send the request, urge the Prosecutor to act for the crimes of the violent and apply the National Security Law
  • He states that Sánchez is “triple responsible” and cannot look the other way, because he has not wanted to do anything, because he has not left the PSC and has folded the nationalists: “There are no elections that deserve this scorn,” he emphasizes
  • Urges the acting president to put order in Catalonia at once, "or we will put it from 10-N", because freedom and the Constitution in Catalonia are necessary • Claim the spirit of sport and big clubs, when they encourage concord and fair play, which mark a lifestyle, such as Rafa Nadal, which is what politicians should dedicate ourselves to from public service • Denounces that the socialist government “have not been able to cover up the evidence that Spain is no longer doing well , the economy is not going well and there is an unsustainable territorial fracture in one of the engines, as is Catalonia ”
  • He reiterates the full support of the PP for the celebration of the Climate Fight Summit in Madrid, but asks Sánchez how he will give lessons to Chile if he is not able to guarantee a Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​and why he has offered Madrid and not Barcelona, ​​where the PSOE supports the governments of the City Council and the Provincial Council “Why does Madrid want? Because the PP governs in Madrid, ”he says
  • He refers to Madrid as “job creation locomotive for all of Spain” and values ​​that since the PP governs in the Community of Madrid, each Madrid has 15,000 euros more than has been saved in taxes
  • He stressed that Madrid Nuevo Norte, which paralyzed the left for four years, will generate 250,000 jobs and has already approved the PP, with the most modern railway station in Europe, among many other infrastructures
  • Underlines that, in the Community of Madrid, there is a mobility and environmental policy with the most ambitious program of all cities in Spain against pollution and for the environment, the Martínez Almeida 360 Plan
  • Stresses the health policy of the Community of Madrid, which committed to reducing waiting lists with 8 new hospitals and 70 new health centers

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