Reunión de Pablo Casado con el Presidente de ANFAC, Jose Vicente de los Mozos.

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, met today with the president of Anfac, José Vicente de los Mozos.

During the meeting held today at the national headquarters of the PP, Casado and De los Mozos highlighted the importance of the automobile industry as a sign and reference of the Spanish industry. Both have agreed that, for Spain, it is very important that industrial policy is committed to this sector, so important for employment and the economy in our country. Casado has moved his concern about the drop in car sales to individuals, which demonstrates the weakness that the Spanish industry is going through. The president of the PP has given as an example the Madrid 360 Plan of the City Council of the capital of how the transitions between technologies and the environment should be done without damaging the automobile sector.

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