Pablo Casado se reúne con Sernauto

The national president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has met today with Maria Helena Antolin, president of Sernauto (Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers), at the national headquarters of the party where he has transferred the support of his training to the components industry Automotive

Sernauto represents a thousand component companies that generate more than 370,000 direct and indirect jobs and invoices more than 37,000 million euros in our country.

The president of Sernauto has explained to the president of the PP the need to support this industry and make a progressive transition in which environmental, social and economic factors are taken into account.

For its part, Casado has recognized the contribution of this sector, which exports 55% of its turnover and that "is vital for the Spanish economy and society." Likewise, it has indicated the commitment of the PP with this industry to the announced increases in taxes and labor reforms of the Government that may jeopardize its future.

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