The GPP calls for Sánchez to appear in Congress to report on the latest European Council and new measures against the Coronavirus
Registered the two requests to appear in the Lower House

  • The president of the PP denounces that "there is a struggle within the government itself, and it turns out that the opposition is to blame." "Sánchez cannot ask the opposition for unity when not even his own government gives it to him," he says.
  • He states that "the work of the PP is to listen when Sánchez has something to say," and regrets that he has not called him for almost six months. Remember that the PP has agreed with the PSOE in the Reconstruction Commission of the Congress in matters of Health and Europe, but then "the Government has not developed anything of the agreement and the only thing it has done is to insult the PP."
  • Remember that Sánchez has not yet presented a single line on the Budgets, and can approve them without the support of the PP, while stating that "if Sánchez breaks with Podemos, a party that defines itself as communist and defends the republic, we can talk" about public accounts.
  • "Podemos has been charged with illegal financing, has requested the abdication of the King and asks that the negotiating table with the independentistas be resumed. How are we going to agree with that party to renew the institutions?"
  • He criticizes Sánchez for his act yesterday in which the self-employed and small businessmen were not there, and in which "after an hour of propaganda and self-promotion he did not say anything." "It lacked the hall of applause at the Moncloa," he says.
  • He regrets that "Spain has destroyed three times more jobs than other European countries for doing the opposite of what had to be done: lower taxes and support the self-employed." "Stop deceiving the Spaniards and present realistic proposals, and if you don't know, let them pay attention to those of us who have brought Spain out of two crises," he snapped at the Government.
  • The Minister of Education is blamed for the "chaos" in the return to the classroom for "having gone on vacation and returning a week earlier, delegating all responsibility to the Autonomous Communities." "The Government is neither there nor expected," he asserts.
  • He considers "tremendously unfair" that Sánchez blames the new infections on the Spanish "for having relaxed", when he himself said two months ago that "the virus was defeated and that we should go out to enjoy the new normal."
  • Remember that in the face of an international pandemic, the Ministry of Health is solely responsible, and denounces that in no country in the world you see what is happening in Spain, that a government renounces to lead; "It is unusual."
  • He denounces that the Minister of Health and the person responsible for managing the pandemic remain in their posts after stating that the masks were counterproductive, that there was a committee of experts that did not exist and that they are not able to say that there are almost 50,000 deaths.

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