"Sanchez has a responsibility that can not be avoided and can not be stained with pacts with heirs of the terrorist group, neither active nor passive"

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, today offered his hand to the acting president facilitating his inauguration with Navarra Suma if he does not agree "by action or omission" with Bildu in the regional community. "Sanchez has a responsibility that can not be avoided and can not be stained with pacts with heirs of the terrorist group," he stressed, while pointing out that "the Pact of the Navarrese Parliament can be a bad memory."

After the joint signing of a declaration in which he commits to these terms, Casado has warned that what happens in Navarra will condition the future of Spain and has ensured that the "whitening of the heirs of ETA" will be paid by the entire Spanish society .

At this point, he has demanded justice not only for the victims, a dignity for the Spanish nation, "but a moral demand" so that the acting president of the executive branch does not agree "neither by active nor by passive" with the heirs of the political arm of the terrorist group ETA.

The leader of the PP has criticized that from different spheres voice and relevance is given to the former terrorist Arnaldo Otegi, who takes advantage of these circumstances to try to coin the "absolutely terrifying" new concept of the right to pain, to kill, to kidnap or torture, "The opposite of any right in any country."


In another vein, he accused Sanchez of "burdening" the opposition with responsibility for his investiture and reproaches him for not transferring a single initiative for the next four years.

In response to questions from the media about whether he will attend meetings that Pedro Sanchez calls him, the president of the PP has confirmed that he will do so "whenever he asks," although he admits that he has not heard any proposal in front of him. to the 11 pacts that the PP has offered him. "The useless efforts leads to melancholy," he ironized.


Regarding the latest data on unemployment known today, Pablo Casado has denounced that it is "the worst" of a month of June since 2009 and has regretted that there has been "the worst data of affiliation to Social Security since 2015." "Do not make reforms, raise taxes and raise budgets with Podemos" makes the economic situation suffer, has asserted.

Finally, he pointed out that the European justice gives reason to the Popular Party and neither Puigdemont nor Comín, fugitives from the Spanish justice, may be MEPs, at the time that has been sure that all institutions will work so that they will not find "any loophole of immunity. "

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