El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, durante la clausura de la Asamblea General de CEIM

• It is considered "urgent" to increase the period of grace of ICO funds to the self-employed by one year, as the PP has registered today in the Courts, to extend the ERTE and apply an "immediate fiscal plan" that exempts companies from taxes to prevent their closure and workers being out of work

• Presents a "5×5" plan with proposals for the reduction and elimination of taxes, labor flexibility with maintenance of the reform that has created employment, commitment to education, administration reform and improvement of competitiveness

• He accuses Delgado of dedicating himself to "defending" the Government and recalls that he already warned that a Socialist deputy "involved in an extortion scandal" could not be appointed as attorney general because the problem is that citizens no longer trust him. the institutions

• Denounce that it will not tolerate, because "the solution is not there", that ten years later and, with a government of the same color, "the weakest will pay again", whom the Spanish applauded during the confinement – sanitary, teachers and essential services- and now they want to freeze their salary after saying that we were going to come out stronger

• Transfers its concern about the absence of an economic shock plan from the Government, which will end up computing ERTE in the unemployment of workers, raising the contributions of the self-employed and repealing the Labor Reform

• The leader of the PP justifies the presentation in Congress of an investigation commission in Congress "to clarify the political responsibilities for the serious negligence, delays and errors in the management of the pandemic, in health and economic terms

• Reaffirms the position of the PP, which offered to collaborate with the Government if it depoliticized Justice, rose from the Negotiation Table of Catalonia, in the face of some PGE that do not even have a draft today, a spending ceiling not a path of deficit

• It indicates that it is the first time that the opposition has presented the Government with a national plan of essential reforms to be approved in Parliament, a proposal to follow up on the EU recommendations and the launch of an independent agency for economic recovery

• Recognizes the social work of entrepreneurs as generators of employment and highlights the true "soul" demonstrated during the pandemic


1. Fiscal Plan

– Reduce company tax below 20%

– Reduce personal income tax in all sections

– Eliminate Inheritance and Donation taxes and Heritage taxes

– Promote an attractive tax plan for business relocation: start-ups, development and their consolidation.

– Eliminate the Tax on Documented Legal Acts

2. Labor flexibility

– Maintenance of the Labor Reform

– Creation of a new modality of subsidized hiring for workers who have lost their jobs due to COVID

– Extension of the flat rate for the self-employed

– Reform the Second Chance Law

– Bet on Telework based on flexibility and agreement and support the universalization of 0-3 in Early Childhood Education as a lever for conciliation

3. Education

– Promotion of dual VET

– Promotion of bilingualism

– Reinforcement of the curricula of STEM subjects

– Digital Transformation

– National Assessments

4. Administration

– Administrative highway: that a company can be created in 5 days.

– Transform the prior licensing system to that of "responsible declaration"

– New reform of the Market Unit

– Administrative Rationalization in the path of the Commission for the Reform of Public Administrations

– Law of Business Growth

5. Competitiveness

– Reindustrialization of the productive fabric in Spain and internationalization of companies, with the support of the Administration, reformulating the scheme of foreign action

– Digitization. Bet on 5.0

– Environmental sustainability and recovery of CAP funds

– Legal security. Free economy and deregulation, with clear laws and absence of discretion

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