Pablo Casado, durante su intervención

Holders of his intervention:

  1. “We have to go hand in hand together,” he proclaims, and pledges the support of the PP to the statute for the electro-intensive industry if the Sanchez Government complies with what it has been promising for a year.

  2. It reaches out to the Government to resolve what is happening in Alcoa and undertakes to support a budget allocation of aid to this industry, even if the Executive does not want to agree with the PP the PGE.

  3. Ask the rest of the Galician MPs of the PSOE – who yesterday did not even bother to vote on the PP proposal in the Senate – and the BNG, a government partner who has to keep his word.

  4. It requires that the industry statute be approved during the month of March via decree or decree-law, not to arrive until 5A and then leave 5000 families forgotten.

  5. It conveys a “positive” message in favor of the more than 5000 families that depend on the Alcoa factory and asks Sánchez that the future statute for industries collect the allegations of the governments of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria.

  6. Remember that Alcoa has more than 2000 workers, creates indirect employment of more than 5000 jobs in the province of Lugo, represents “more than 20% of GDP” and is a company that “gives quality work and generates added value ”, So Sánchez must do something as soon as possible.

  7. It claims that, just as the PP has supported the demands of the motor industry, environmental requirements must be compensated with greater industrial competitiveness.

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