The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, is pronounced on the sentence of the process: "Who makes the payment."

It expresses its respect for a sentence, which it considers "exemplary," and demands that Sanchez commit himself not to pardon the damned and not seek "political shortcuts."

"The PP will be next to the Government to take any action to preserve public order and prevent violent actions in the streets."

"We have to put the measures so that this can not be repeated and preserve public order through the law in force if an insurrection occurs."

It defends “to introduce in the Penal Code the call for an illegal referendum, to modify the Law of pardons to prohibit those convicted of rebellion and sedition, and to introduce the crime of improper sedition”.

It also proposes to apply the Law of External Action to close the badly called embassies, the Law of National Security if there is confrontation in the streets, the Law of Parties and its financing to act against those who encourage violence, and the General Penitentiary Law .

He calls on Pedro Sánchez to break the agreements he has in more than 40 local administrations and in the Diputación de Barcelona with the parties "whose leaders have been condemned today."

"We have a stone's throw to win the elections," says Casado, who says that "the strategy of the PP is to bring together the entire vote of the center and the right."

"Whoever wants the unlock has to go to an alternative and the only alternative is the PP."

"On November 10, we can have a PP Government that avoids a crisis or an outstanding student of Zapatero that can lead us to a situation like 2010 and 2012."

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