El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

He defends freedom of the press and warns that the vice president "is not there to teach lessons" because he has a "very serious corruption case behind him"

He assures that the PSOE will have the PP to create employment but not to be complicit in an economy that would lead to ruin. "They are throwing fire at the stake."

He argues that the fiscal justice that Sánchez talks about is "taking your hand to your wallet" and preparing for a "saber cut."

He considers it “bad taste” to speak of economic green shoots, when there are four million unemployed, one million self-employed unemployed and an economy that is collapsing more than in any other developed country. “The crisis has not been symmetrical. As it was not foreseen, our confinement was very long and not selective. " Add.

"What bad overthrowers we are!" Ironically Casado, who remembers that his party supported three extensions of the state of alarm, measures such as the IMV and Calviño's candidacy for the Eurogroup.

Remember that the European reconstruction plan bears the seal of the PPE, with Ursula von der Leyen and Angela Merkel at the helm.

He regrets that today, that a funeral will be held for the victims of COVID and that Sánchez will not attend, the actual number of deaths from the pandemic is not yet known.

He contrasts his relationship of trust with Inés Arrimadas, with whom he shares principles and values, to that of Sánchez with his partners.

He points out that the confinements that have been carried out in specific areas of Spain demonstrate that the PP was right and that there was a legal Plan B to confine the population.

He transmits tranquility to the citizens so that they exercise their right to vote and stresses that Núñez Feijóo would never take any decision against the safety of his countrymen.

He underlines the transversality of his party and that the President of the Xunta, who has praised his management of the pandemic, is "synonymous with PP and Galicia".

He points out that on July 12 he “paints badly” for Sánchez and accuses the PNV of trying to hide his pacts in Madrid in campaign with the radical left.

He highlights that the PP-Cs coalition is the only moderate and constitutionalist alternative in the Basque Country.

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