El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, en su intervención ante la Junta Directiva Nacional

• The president of the PP emphasizes that his party is the "only project for a prosperous and free future" and that it represents the "hope of the Spanish who are already going through a bad time with another socialist government"

• "We must go out to meet that silent majority that wants to be united to do things together, but that needs a transversal and exciting project that unites them to fight for the future of Spain"

• Indicates that the PP should not only continue to be the common home of the center right but also that of those social democrats disappointed with what the left is doing. "Have a wide door so that everyone can enter without queuing, without having to register"

• It maintains that Gamarra, Pastor and Martínez-Almeida are a reference of "closeness, humility, efficiency, credibility, coherence and solvency"

• “The Spanish are going to find the PP prepared, strong and united. We will return to the government very soon and from there, recover the historical course of the best nation in the world "

• He remarks that the PP does not have a "vocation as an indomitable minority but as an unbeatable majority". "We are a party of wide squares, not narrow trenches"

• Share the "enormous unease that Spanish society is going through, which sees how Sánchez lengthens his summer break in an incomprehensible way, while the second wave of the virus puts citizens' health at risk and threatens their employment and economic future"

• “In July, Sánchez declared that he had defeated the virus, but the complacency, the applause of props and the propaganda of the stronger we came out have worsened the situation”, asserts Casado, who considers that it was “imprudence to claim victory ahead of time and that the Executive again reject the outstretched hand of the PP "

• Demands the Government to fulfill its responsibility and coordinate all administrations, and reiterates its offer to reinforce Health through the Cajal Pact

• Criticizes the "indolence" of the Government, which means that no Spanish family knows what the start of the year will be like and urges them to make decisions, because there cannot be 17 different returns to school in Spain

• “We cannot allow a whole generation of children to have an educational delay due to the null planning of the Executive”, he asserts

• Evidence that the OECD and IMF data deny the government's "false optimism", which is reminiscent of the "unfortunate excuses prior to the Zapatero recession." “Things can be done differently. There is an alternative that works, "says Casado in reference to the PP

• "There is no possible pact with those who ask for the abdication of the King, the independence of Catalonia and the whitening of the batasunos", he emphasizes

• He reiterates the five points on which he based his proposal when he was elected president of the PP: the defense of Spain and its unity, the rule of law, individual freedom, the defense of the family and regenerationism

• It praises the figure of the King for "enshrining the Constitution as a guarantor of national unity and the historical continuity of Spain"

• “We cannot be part of Sánchez's governance, because we are his alternative and not a mere replacement for Podemos,” says Casado, who points out that no one from the PP “aspires to be Sánchez's minister but rather to defeat him at the polls and govern better for all Spaniards "

• Warns that the PP will not be in profile or "embrace a submission to the left", but will not act aggressively, "marking the profile until it becomes an edge." “Neither in profile nor with edges. Neither of the two traps "

• Bet on fighting "for what unites us and not opening scars." "We must represent all Spaniards, vote for whoever they vote for, speak the language they speak, love the person they love"

• He argues that a party should "resemble society as much as possible and walk alongside it to improve its life and gain space" for its ideas. "We do not do social engineering, we are an instrument at the service of the common good," he adds.

• He points out that the PP project is focused on people, compared to groups and that he prefers "coexistence over conflict", which defends the family, regenerationism, honesty and accountability

• "A party that has been defined by statutes for 30 years as center, reformist and liberal, few cards can receive moderation"

• He rejects the idea that the PP wins when it ceases to be, because "that is said by those who are neither from the PP nor want it to win." "We do not have to choose between convictions or votes: without convictions, votes never arrive"

• "I want this party to be the protagonist in the definition of Spanish society thirty or forty years from now, but for that we need to defeat the left at the polls"

• It warns that if "we do not know how to convey effectively what we think and speak more about ourselves than about Spaniards, our political task will fail"

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