• Demand that the president stop defying Congress and demand to recover all rights during the state of alarm. "Our rights are not yours, they are ours, of all Democracy."

• “You are already the face of failure to manage this crisis. His image is that of the false test, that of the defective mask, that of the reckless demonstration and that of the Aluche tails. ”

• It is not up to scratch and once again has demonstrated it. Every day more alone, more isolated, weaker and without giving an effective response to the drama that Spain lives. Not that way.

• He considers it “regrettable” that Sánchez, secretary general of a party with so many ETA victims, “make eyes and whisper his thanks,” to the spokesperson for an organization that has not condemned the murders of the terrorist band.

• Rejects the ad hoc reports that Sánchez uses to justify the extension of the state of alarm, when he does not respect either the General State Attorney, the CNI or the CIS.

• It is ironic about the government's transparency, when they refuse to make the experts' names public and about the international repercussion of their management, as collected by different international media.

• Remember that the European Union's warning for all countries to come out of the state of exception, where only Hungary, Poland and Spain are found.

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