• Announces that it will extend the moratorium on evictions until 2023, will eliminate the Tax of Documented Legal Acts for the purchase of habitual housing and will promote the rental policy
  • Bet on the recovery of the PP anti-occupation law so that those who illegally occupy a house are sentenced to between 1 and 3 years in prison and the FFCCSS can evict squatters between 24 and 48 hours
  • It proposes the provision of more public land so that a park of 100,000 rental homes can be built, preferably for young and old people
  • Casado: "After two weeks of fires, the PSC continues to rule with the independentistas in 40 municipalities and the Diputación de Barcelona", and warns that it will not break with them "because the goat throws the mountain"
  • He assures that Sanchez has had to modify his own electoral program "due to pressure from the PSC" to say that he is in favor of multinationality and return to Zapatero's agenda of "the nation of nations
  • “Does Iceta send so much that Sanchez says he wants multinationality? How is it possible for a candidate to run for the elections to say that Spain is a nation of nations? ”He asks
  • “Plurinationality does not exist. I want the Spanish nation, with its Autonomous Communities, the most decentralized state in Europe, but united, vertebrate and that guarantees equal opportunities, ”he emphasizes
  • It demands that the Government close “immediately” the embassies of Diplocat and that the accounts of the Generalitat be intervened to stop, among other things, “wild strikes” such as those that occur in the classrooms of Catalonia
  • "Things are going well and will be better as the campaign progresses, how long the PSOE is going to do"
  • “I pledge to be the president of the Government of all Spaniards, to avoid the crisis, to have more jobs and to recover the future that has robbed us of the PSOE again”
  • He warns that when the PSOE talks about social justice, the Spaniards must put their hands on the “portfolio” because the PSOE has always been synonymous with “unemployment, waste and fiscal sabotage”
  • Remember that Més, partner of the Government of the PSOE in the Balearic Islands, has signed a manifesto with Torra in favor of the independence of Catalonia, and asks Sánchez to explain if he is with his partners who want to break the national unity “to see if he scratches votes in the next elections ”
  • In the Balearic Islands, it proposes to alleviate the lack of infrastructure and to ratify the 75% discount on the cost of transporting passengers to the Peninsula that now calls into question Development
  • It is committed to the Special Regime of the Balearic Islands and the reduction of taxes in the insular autonomies; ask how you can embrace turismophobia and use the pets to cover up management incompetence
  • He advocates that the wealth of co-official languages ​​be a merit and not a requirement for access to the public service and bets on an education in freedom that does not divide children by the language they use at recess

Decalogue of housing announced by Pablo Casado:

  1. Rehabilitation plan for the energy sustainability of homes in Spain
  2. Inventory of public land so that a park of 100,000 rental homes can be built primarily for young and old
  3. Maintain the exemption of personal income tax for mileuristas and extend the flat rate for freelancers to 24 months, as well as enhance Dual FP
  4. Remove the tax of Documented Legal Acts for the acquisition of the first home
  5. Extend the moratorium on evictions for family with children until 2023
  6. Reduction of Property Transfer Tax and IBI for vulnerable groups
  7. Greater legal certainty for groups with access difficulties to housing
  8. Greater bureaucratic agility, harmonizing urban planning regulations and facilitating a greater supply of housing
  9. Tax deduction to landlords, on all those who make their homes available to young and old
  1. Recovery of the anti-occupancy law that the PP launched so that those who illegally occupy a house can have jail sentences of 1 to 3 years and the FCSE can evict them in a maximum of 48 hours; that municipalities cannot register their occupants, as well as prohibit NGOs promoting employment from receiving public money. This law will not affect families that cannot afford their houses, but the "organized and increasingly violent" mafias.

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