El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, en rueda de prensa con los expertos miembros de la Comisión de Reconstrucción

· Announces short, medium and long-term sanitary, economic and legal measures to protect the population and activate Spain with experienced managers: "Confinement cannot last forever"
· It raises a State pact for Health called the "Cajal Pact" to adapt the health system with sufficient financing, strengthen the national industry and create a Public Health and Healthcare Quality Agency
· It proposes the obligatory use of face masks in the street and recommended for people over 65 in closed spaces, as well as massive tests, and the implementation of the fingerprint with a QR code.
· It advocates extending the ERTE until December 31, exempting from the payment of taxes for the opening of new companies, extension of a flat rate for self-employed workers of 50 euros, subsidized contracts for reincorporation into the labor market and establishing fiscal incentives
· Ensures that it is possible to avoid bailouts and raise more by avoiding massive tax increases and eliminating superfluous expenses from the government's "hypetrophied" bureaucratic structure
· Bet on not leaving anyone behind "really" recovering the project of "social card" centralizing all aid to avoid duplication
· It claims to adopt the economy to the new times, promoting digitization, teleworking, flexible hours and the extension of sick leave to groups at risk.
· Demand a "legal de-escalation" with the application of six laws to get out of constitutional exception and guarantee rights and freedoms "
· It requires the Government to do its homework in these ten days because the entire population cannot continue to be confined for not having a sanitary, economic and legal alternative.
· He describes the de-escalation as “chaotic and partisan” when the roadmap made clear the criteria that should guide it: rate of contagion, healthcare capacity, and capacity for mass detection and protection of health workers
· Remember that it has already been analyzed how the late response and incompetent management have led to more deaths and more infected health workers
· “The distancing should be done by risk groups and not by hours. This way everyone could work ”
· Highlights the poor economic forecasts, the fall in GDP, the distortion of the deficit and the unrealistic calculation of income forecast
· Remember that today marks the tenth anniversary of the biggest social cut in democracy that Zapatero approved, and regrets that today euphemisms such as the inverted V are heard again as they were then heard of green shoots and the champion league of the economy
· Announces a cycle of weekly meetings with experts in health, economic and legal matters under the slogan Let's activate Spain chaired by Ana Pastor, Elvira Rodríguez and Enrique López
· He accuses the government of not complying with the General Health Law for not publishing the names of government experts and demands that Sánchez know each other now.
· He considers that today is a good day for Catalonia and Spain after the proclamation of Albiol as mayor of Badalona and a very relevant step for the PP in that Autonomous community

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