Pablo Casado en la Comisión de seguimiento COVID-19 del PP

• He assures that “we have already suffered a lot to face the outbreaks with a passive and overflowing government, which washes its hands again”, for which it presents a plan B and demands from the Executive “more humility, less applause and self-congratulation and stop saying everything has been done well ”

• He reiterates that "we are moved by the health of the Spanish" and regrets that citizens cannot trust a government that does not tell the truth or in the death toll – 44,800 according to a national daily newspaper and three state institutions – in the country that has more affected by each 100,000 inhabitants. "This is not a criticism, it is a chronicle, and we say it as opposition so that it does not happen to us again," he stresses.

• He defends that the Cajal State Plan for Health presented by the Popular Party, "a State pact on the National Health System, can be agreed in August, since there is no time to lose and requires urgency"

• Claims the "humility" of leaning on who knows, to row all together, for which this party anticipates the Government and offers to meet with the Socialist Group and to be able to legislate soon

• Stresses that from the Popular Party "we know how to deal with epidemic situations, something that has already been done in the Government of Spain" and stresses: "We want to be useful and we must preserve the health of the Spanish, who are at risk"

• Denounces that the ministers of Health, Tourism and Development "are disappeared", and demands that the Government stop excesses of triumphalism and take the lead with the Autonomous Communities

• He believes that the situation of Tourism is of "maximum gravity", which can "give the lace" to a sector that was recovering with great difficulty, and does not understand the position of the Government in this crisis, after the Foreign Minister learned about the UK restrictions from the press when she was meeting with the Mayor of Gibraltar

• "We do not understand why the Ministry of the Interior is not acting with the arrival of immigrants who may be infected by COVID, which is its competence"

In the “Plan B” presented by the president of the Popular Party, the following proposals stand out:


• Based on the fact that there is legislation that allows the limitation of mobility and coordination, reinforcement of autonomy and sole command in the event of a pandemic, if the Government believes that the current legal framework is not sufficient, we propose a reform that could be ready in August

• Based on article 43 of the Spanish Constitution, which includes the right to health protection for all Spaniards, we propose the drafting of article 3 of Organic Law 3/1986 of April 14, so that rights are limited fundamental without having to go to the State of Alarm.

• In this sense, we propose that the health authority can

: – Adopt measures for the control of the sick, people who are or have been in contact with them and the immediate environment, with the possibility of subjecting suspected people to public health observation or quarantine, as well as other sanitary measures for suspicious persons, isolation or treatment and location of those who have been in contact with suspected or affected persons.

– Control or limit the entrances and exits of the affected or threatened area and control or limit movement within said area, which may affect the right to free movement and wandering on public roads, as well as the right of assembly that may be conditioned in its exercise both in certain places and in the number of people.

– In any case, all measures will be taken in accordance with the principles of "necessity, suitability and proportionality".

• Proposal to modify the Administrative Litigation Jurisdiction Law separating the terms of limitation and deprivation of a right, so that the latter is authorized by the corresponding court and the limitation is reflected in the Law.

– In any case, the guarantee of fundamental rights, effectiveness, speed, safety and protection of citizens prevail.


• That the Government of Spain finances the COVID-19 tests that must be done by tourists visiting our country to avoid the mandatory quarantine in their country of origin, these tests would have to be done both at origin and destination, being the cost of both in charge of the Government.

• A short-term fiscal shock plan, with specific fiscal measures with exemptions, discounts and deferrals of state taxes, such as the one for companies for tourist companies, with the reduction of VAT rates temporarily. Super reduced VAT to the sector during 2020 and 2021, drop in airport taxes of 25% during 2020 and 2021, the elimination of the taxes on overnight stays; and fiscal incentives to reactivate consumption in Spain in tourist activities.

• That liquidity channels be improved, both those that may be provided by the Government, to improve that of companies by expanding ICO lines and the grace period linked to the reactivation of activity.

• In the Plan that the Government has to send on European funds before October 15, projects must be sent so that 30% of those funds that go to companies are for those in the tourism sector, for example for innovation and sustainability.

• Extension of ERTES due to force majeure until the end of 2020 and, if necessary, until the end of the first quarter of 2021.


We propose a Cajal State Plan for Health and reform 7 System Laws to provide the Ministry with more instruments to detect pandemics, coordinate alerts and provide resources:

1. General Public Health Law

• Mandatory contingency plans for health emergencies and periodic evaluation of public health indicators.

• Binding and strict application of alerts from WHO and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

• Access plan for health professionals, workers, public employees and volunteers to approved individual protection equipment and provision of strategic reserves.

• Full transparency channels on deceased data.

• Urgently review the vaccine policy.

2. General Health Law

• Measures to guarantee effective territorial equality in access to benefits and services in crisis and normal

• Health care guarantee in senior centers. • Strengthening of Primary Care and Health Centers in order to actively collaborate in crisis management.

• Effective collaboration in health crises in the network of pharmacy offices.

• Coordination and cooperation between health centers of different Autonomous Communities and between public, private and private.

3. Law of Cohesion and Quality of the National Health System

4. Public Sector Contracts Law

5. Law of Biomedical Research

6. Law on Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicines and Health Products.

7. Law for the Organization of Health Professions

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