Stresses that it is very difficult to be able to agree at the same time with the PP and receive the support, albeit for abstention, of Bildu, who has not yet condemned the criminal history of ETA

The National President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has presented an open team to society, with the "focus" put on the Cortes and with a plan to do so in the coming months being "Catalonia, Basque Country and Navarra" fundamental in the training strategy.

In this sense, Casado stressed that "the new management team looks like Spain." "It includes politicians of all structures, managers who have demonstrated their endorsement, technological experts, people from civil society who have made the leap because they believe in the project."

During the press conference he has offered after the celebration of the National Board of Directors, Casado explained that with the "reorganization" of the party the three parliamentary groups "will go hand in hand" to have a territorialized position, media and focused on parliamentary activity and in the opposition.

"It's a new PP because the parties change and regenerate but proud of what it is and with the look in the future," he stressed. He also stressed that "Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo is the spokeswoman that all parties would like to have in their parliamentary group."


Regarding the current political situation, Casado has refused to hold the PP responsible for the political blockade, while ensuring that his party “will not serve as an excuse” for Sánchez to continue agreeing with independentistas “because that would be a betrayal” for his electorate and most Spaniards. "The moment of truth is Navarra and at that time, the PSOE has chosen," he says.

Thus, he has declared to have the "very clear conscience" because the responsibility of the blockade "is exclusive" of Pedro Sánchez and the task of exercising control and leadership of Spain has been entrusted since the opposition "with renewed equipment."

At this point, Casado explained that the PSOE of Pedro Sánchez wants to do just the opposite of what the PP did: repeal the laws we passed, appeal to historical revisionism and try to find national and international partners that "we will not tolerate." "This makes any agreement to unlock a government impossible," he emphasizes

“More we cannot do: we have favored alternative sums, proposed eleven State pacts and reached twenty agreements with other political formations. Who has woven a sanitary cordon against us, is the Socialist Party, ”he lamented.

In his speech, Casado has criticized that although some disguise themselves as moderates and reach out, it is very difficult to be able to agree at the same time with the PP, which has twenty victims of terrorism in their ranks, two of them in Navarra, and receive support, even for abstention, from Bildu who has not yet condemned the criminal history of ETA.


The leader of the PP has advanced that will work on the “recasting” of the electoral center of the right center while praising the attitude of C's and Albert Rivera and has opened to open a “period of reflection” to collaborate with parties of that electoral spectrum if there were finally elections. “If there are elections we will speak again. Today the collaboration with Citizens is extraordinary, ”he stressed.

At this point, about the possibility of presenting his candidacy for the investiture with the support of Citizens, Casado has wondered if Sanchez would be willing to abstain but believes that the “is not no” that made the leader of the PSOE famous “has not changed. "


In another order, Pablo Casado has assessed the latest CIS survey explaining that "it does not agree much" to have 123 deputies with being able to achieve the results of the great absolute majority of the PP and the PSOE.

He also said that in other elections voters will already know that the "useful vote" of the PP is that they will have a government against the PSOE alternative.

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