Pablo Casado desde Gernika junto a Carlos Iturgaiz e Inés Arrimadas

The PP leader warns Urkullu: "We are foralist because we are constitutionalists" and calls to claim everything that the Constitution made possible because "the roots cannot be manipulated or cut down to throw them against others"

"ETA no longer kills thanks to constitutionalism. Others kept quiet and collected the nuts from those who shook the tree, "he recalls.
He claims not to forget "where we come from" because hundreds of thousands of Basques are missing who were victims of "the lead years", who were close to the "martyrs of freedom" or expelled from the Basque Country. "We are missing Miguel Ángel, Goyo … anonymous people, politicians, police, civil guards, officials … "
He affirms that the PP + Cs coalition represents a way of seeing a plural, diverse but united Spain. "The Basque Country deserves better management, tribute to those who are no longer there, more honesty and more ambition" and that "there is no ignominious law that equates victims with executioners"
"No matter how much social dialogue photo Sánchez tries, the economic recovery cannot be dissociated from the political rupture in our Nation." "There will be no recovery of employment if the resources that come from Europe are used to pay perks to their investiture partners"
Also ask the vote for PP + Cs to the socialists who are ashamed of the Sánchez agreements with Batasunos and pro-independence and to the PNV voters who feel betrayed because their party supports a radical government with communists and the more reactionary left
Bet on a future plan for the Basque Country in which nationalism is not "the sole voice of this society"
He defends an economic concert "useful for Basque citizens" with lower taxes, more prosperity, better social services and safeguarding the industry, against inefficiencies in public administration and corruption cases that "try to cover up with the ikurriña"
He assures that Iturgaiz "is a moral giant of freedoms at the national level, who was not afraid after burying seven of his own and obtained the best result in the history of the constitutionalists ”

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