Casado proposes a commission of inquiry into the management of the pandemic to determine the “negligence” of the Government and its responsibilities
Today, during an interview at Cope

• Announces that today it will bring together the leaderships of the parliamentary groups to agree on the presentation in Congress of this commission of inquiry

• Criticizes the "lack of foresight, incompetence and propaganda" of the Executive and affirms that it is the one that has managed the crisis the worst, in reference to the number of victims and unemployment registered in our country

• Censorship that the Government continues without recognizing the more than 50,000 deceased, regrets the "chaos" in the return to classrooms and the unemployment figures, and advocates talking about the "real economy", which worries the Spaniards: employment, pensions, the possible salary cut for civil servants or the rise in contributions to the self-employed

• "I have nothing to hide, but that everything and everyone is investigated," says Casado, who affects the links between "the extortion plot" of the State Attorney General, the PSOE and Podemos with Commissioner Villarejo

• "Saying that we will collaborate is compatible with saying that I am not going to admit parallel trials or convictions of newscasts or double standards of gentlemen who have a party accused of illegal financing" • He reiterates his commitment to regeneration, advocates "loosening ties" with any non-exemplary conduct and demands the same standard for all. "It is my commitment to the affiliates and to the Spaniards who are fed up with this type of case"

• Stresses that "if there are indictments by a judge" he will "worry" and "take care", because any information about this "worries and outrages us if it is proven by a judge"

• "I am not here to shelter party colleagues but the Spanish," he adds to warn that "not one will happen" and that "whoever pays it"

• He points out that he has already gone ahead by not putting people on the electoral lists against whom there could be “some evidence” and indicates that the former Secretary of State for the Interior is not a member of the party • He complains that “not a single line is known of the PGE, when they will be presented or with whom they will be agreed ”

• Alert about the Government's turnaround to satisfy its investiture partners and gives as an example the reform of the crime of sedition and that Sánchez regretted the suicide of an ETA member “without remembering that he was a terrorist and without remembering the victims, something that froze the blood "

• He points out that Sánchez is the one who does not want to agree with the PP and tries to criminalize the opposition. “They oppose the opposition. We continue to reach out ”

• He reproaches Dolores Delgado for bringing out information against the PP in a very difficult week for the Government, which has lost, for the second time, the validation of a royal decree in Congress on the confiscation of savings from city councils, something that had not occurred to date

• It exemplifies the hand extended to Sánchez in the more than ten state pacts that he has proposed to the Government until January, the support on three occasions for the state of alarm and the five agreements to get out of the pandemic

• The Executive is disappointed that it has rejected its proposal to create an independent agency for reconstruction, as has been done in Italy and France, and which is included in the decalogue of proposals that it brought to Moncloa. "Then the government spokesperson comes out and says that it is a minor thing and that they will not contemplate it"

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