Pablo Casado preside la reunión del Comité Ejecutivo Nacional

“No one has to lead us to moderation, because we have always been in it; but no one should take us away from the fight against radicalism ”, he affirms

He considers that the great pending political task of the PP is the most difficult: "to repair what has been broken instead of breaking to keep a piece".

"I do not want to win by cultivating phobias, I want to win by cultivating shared affections and purposes," says the PP leader, who warns of the "political deterioration, fracture and polarization concerned" of the Sánchez government, which is leading Spain to a process that is the reverse of of the Transition.

The PP's policies are the ones that can take Spain out of the "huge crater" that the crisis is beginning to open in the Spanish economy: reactivating the economy, reducing bureaucracy and lowering taxes "and not with increases and rigidity as Sánchez suggests "

He affirms that the PP has to respond to the institutional challenge and criticizes the attacks by the vice president on the Head of State. "The PP will not tolerate these attacks on Felipe VI," he says.

He reproaches that tomorrow the tribute to the victims of the pandemic will be celebrated without even knowing the real number of deceased and describes it as "a lack of respect for family members and Spaniards".

He warns that the Government "is in a vicious circle because it needs separatism, that it eats electoral ground" while "Podemos needs to continue in the Government to maintain the protection of the Office of the Prosecutor against the serious scandals of its leader."

He considers that the victory of Feijóo, whom he describes as a "brilliant manager and a great politician", is the "best guarantee" for the PP to reach the Government of Spain as soon as possible.

It highlights that in 2024 the PP will have governed 35 years in Galicia and remembers the victories of the former Galician presidents, Fernández Albor and Manuel Fraga.

He defines Carlos Iturgaiz as a "moral giant" and advocates "re-enthusing Basque voters who trust the PP at the national level but stayed at home in these elections."

He considers that "a good part of Bildu's electoral success is due to the fact that Sánchez gave him the leading role in the electoral campaign by agreeing a month before with them."

He predicts that Sánchez "will also give the electoral campaign to Catalan independence with the self-determination table" and that is why he remains silent before the prison benefits for the prisoners of the process.

He describes the electoral results obtained by PSOE and Podemos as “defeat without palliative”. "The Government has taken three defeats in Galicia, in the Basque Country and with the candidacy of the Eurogroup in just one week," he said.

He believes that the PP should respond to the radicalization of the left vote towards independence, "widening the party towards the center."

He rejects the "poisoned advice" of the PSOE and reproaches him for the "self-confidence" they show when addressing the PP "after the bump" of last electoral Sunday.

He asks not to "bite the hook that the left always throws on the tension" because "it is only the shadow of his actions, the echo of his insults and the reflection of his propaganda." "From the Doberman to the pass, we already have them too deep," he says.

It is ironic that those who "seek to prescribe cards of centrism are those who agree with populists, communists and pro-independence in the most radical government in our history."

Faced with the "lurching" of others, he proposes to apply the plan of the five "ces of the PP": credibility, trust, coherence, certainty and centrality.

He regrets the "suspicion" caused by the Sánchez government in Brussels and assures that with his European tour "the discredit of his policies for community partners has been evident."

He assures that the PP will support the Government in the negotiation of the recovery fund, as it has always done, "despite the complacency and arrogance with which the Government presents us."

He criticizes that the Government "has not learned from what happened in March and either closes the country or does nothing, when it has the fundamental responsibility for coordination and supervision."

Announces that the PP will hold the "Let's Activate Spain" conference within the framework of the El Escorial summer courses with the participation of "exponents of effective management" such as Luis de Guindos, Fátima Báñez, or Miguel Arias Cañete, and leaders of society civil like Antonio Garamendi or Manuel Pizarro, among others.

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