Pablo Casado en la Ofrenda floral a Miguel Ángel Blanco en Madrid

He regrets that most of the students do not know who Miguel Ángel Blanco was, a fact that “makes us think about what society we are bequeathing to our children”

Revalidates the commitment of the PP against terrorism, demands that the imprescriptibility of crimes be declared, terrorism be studied in the classrooms with the testimony of the victims and the penalties for receiving ETAs be tightened

He praises the figure of Miguel Ángel Blanco and his family and ensures that the Popular Party will continue to defend "memory, dignity and justice" for victims of terrorism even in the last town in the Basque Country

“A country that does not respect its dead is a country that is not worth it. A serious Nation must pay tribute to its victims since they are the pillar that has made it move forward ”

Ask for a reflection on what is being done wrong so that Bildu has more parliamentarians than all the forces of national representation "together and joined"

"We must not start doing something," he said, referring to legitimizing Bildu

“What is happening in the Basque Country or neighboring communities cannot be allowed. There have been 40 terrorist approaches in one year ", he underlines

Remember that the cry of Basta Ya and the spirit of Ermua were not just talking about how to fight terrorism, "they were talking about a country that respected itself"

"We have to remember those who died for freedom, but also why they chose to risk their lives to defend values ​​that still stand"

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