Pablo Casado en el Pleno

  • He questions Sánchez whether the “new normal” is that of the 7 million Spaniards who cannot work, that of the 45,000 people who died from the coronavirus who refuses to recognize it, that of not providing health workers with material so that they do not get infected or the to oppose the opposition
  • Before Sánchez's announcement of a “fruitful legislature”, he criticizes that it will not be for moderate Spain, but for those who attack the King, those who want independence and those who celebrate the approach of ETA
  • Ask the Government about the outbreaks of recent weeks, if it has any program to carry out massive tests, to guarantee the application of the fingerprint, or is it going to "fall apart" from the proposals of the Popular Party, as has already happened with the test and masks
  • He regrets the silence of the socialist president before the more than 7,000 initiatives presented by the PP and, in the face of his doubts that they are a moderate center party, reminds him of his pact with communists, independentists, populists and heirs of terrorist gangs, something unusual in Europe
  • He urges Sánchez to stop lying and cheating, because they already have a hold on him in Brussels: "Europe has already put a hold on him and he cannot pretend that we are his crane"
  • Casado to Sánchez: "Stop applauding the Comedy Club, which are offensive, because Spain is not for that and in Europe they will pass it on to you. Learn from good diplomats. Do not celebrate successes in negotiations, let alone what others have negotiated ”
  • It is ironic that if the PP is responsible for the fact that three socialist governments have gone against the Sánchez negotiation, for the breakdown of the negotiation by the Finnish prime minister for his offensive attitudes, or for Iglesias attacking the alleged tax havens, like Ireland
  • Remember that Sánchez was a director of Caja Madrid when three massive preference issues were approved, that the PSOE left the financial system bankrupt and the president himself, as a socialist deputy, voted in favor of the "biggest cut in the history of democracy", the freezing pensions, cutting civil servants' pay and hacking public investments

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