Pablo Casado en rueda de prensa

Casado proposes to Sanchez a "crash plan" with 10 points "urgently needed" to mitigate the economic effects of the coronavirus and keep employment

Is willing to negotiate the proposed measures and others if they benefit the productive sectors, workers, companies and the self-employed.

He announces that the PP will request the appearance of Sánchez in the Cortes to explain this crisis but adds that he understands that he does so when the figures recommend it. "Parliamentary action should not divide the unity of action in the fight against this health crisis," he says.

Ensures that the PP will not behave as did the opposition of the PSOE in the crisis of Ebola and SARS.

Launches a message of tranquility and confidence in the "excellent" Spanish healthcare system and its professionals.

He emphasizes that the Popular Party supports and will continue to support to try to boost the Government's action and shows its concern that the Executive is going behind the events.

Reach out to Pedro Sánchez, offer the loyal collaboration of the autonomous communities governed by the PP and ask for greater coordination after the disagreements of the last days within the Government.

Ensures that the PP maintains the "prudence" regarding the government's performance but believes that it is "good" that public officials transmit a message of tranquility.

# PlanDeChoqueCOVID19

1.- Reduce the Corporate Tax in half to the affected sectors, specifically tourism. And suppress this tax temporarily to the company in quarantine zone.

2.- Defer the collection of VAT to the companies affected and suppress the tax increases announced, both financial, technological, and environmental

3.- Return the 2.5 billion euros due to the Autonomous Communities to strengthen their health and education management

4.- Approve a Health Contingency Plan to reinforce the resources of the autonomies

5.- Approve a guarantee fund for SMEs and freelancers with a specific liquidity line so that the credit is not suppressed, in public-private collaboration with banks, the ICO, the ECB and the EIB

6.- Extend the flat rate for freelancers to 12 months by reducing it to the initial € 50 and lowering other modules in the most affected sectors

7.- Cancel the counter-labor reform to guarantee the flexibility and competitiveness of companies and freelancers, and promote teleworking

8.- Approve an extraordinary item to finance the casualties due to isolation and the reduction of working hours, providing public funds to companies and allow workers affected by an ERE not to consume their time of benefit during the suspension of the contract

9.- Defer payment of Social Security contributions, reduce those of affected companies, and cancel all the proposed increase in the minimum bases and the maximum destope

10.- Approve a legislative package to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles, strengthen market unity and internationalization, with reinforcement of personnel in ports and airports and a foreign trade plan and tourism promotion

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