Pablo  Casado, junto a Ana Pastor, se reúne con la Organización Médica Colegial

  • He claims that in order to vote affirmatively the measures of the PP are incorporated and that Salvador Illa meets and negotiates with Ana Pastor

  • Ask the Government to draw up a legal plan for any outbreak of the virus because "it is urgent and two months have been lost" and constitutional exceptionality cannot be decreed again

  • Keep "reaching out" to modify any law if the Government considers that the measures covered by the legislation in force have to be further specified and thus avoid the state of alarm

  • Demand "A serious and effective economic plan before the Government goes on vacation" and offers its plan again shock to lower taxes, as Germany and Italy have already announced, in order for consumption to revive and avoid layoffs and the closure of companies

  • Reiterates its outstretched hand so that liquidity aid is maintained, ERTEs are extended until the end of the year, and aid is approved "specific and effectiveto tourism and automotive

  • He affirms that "the applause on the balconies must be translatedCir in numbers and letters to improve the working conditions of health professionals and to ensure protection and coordination standards to improve the health system ”

  • Demands from the Government that "recognize at once the actual death toll"Because" it is not too much to ask and it is important to attend the tribute inmemory of the victims knowing how many Spaniards have lost theirlifetime"

  • Stresses that the General Council of Medical Councils has computed 92 health fakilled and 55 thousand infected. "Unfortunately the highest number in the world", he lamented

  • Remember that the PP has spent months demanding massive tests for those who risked their lives to care for others and that the protection material reached, above all, health centers and hospitals and not it has been so because the purchases of the single command have been "clearly unsuccessful"


  1. Creation of a National Agency to Coordinate the Health System. Said agency would have as permanent representatives of the autonomies, under a command of the Ministry of Health, the health authorities, who would not only have to meet in the Interterritorial Council but also work permanently for public health. The Agency would have a specific pandemic prevention and monitoring unit
  1. Strengthening of personnel and infrastructure regarding primary care, creating corridors from the emergency room to the specific hospitalization areas for those affected by an infectious disease
  1. Creation of a pool national health professionals so that they can move to areas where reinforcement is needed to combat some type of pandemic, as well as clarify the situation of MIR doctors and to have more places
  1. COVID-19 Plan, not only for monitoring patients who have been cured but who may have important consequences, but also to develop actions that reduce waiting lists, overburdened by not being able to care for patients with other pathologies due to collapse hospitable. Likewise, it is proposed to classify as healthcare professionals who have been infected and to grant remuneration to those who have died, according to the danger they have had
  1. Boost telemedicine and digitization of the health system
  1. Promote a more qualified external healthcare, that has more resources and with a strategic reserve of material for any other pandemic
  1. Care for the elderly in their residences or homes, taking into account the chronicity of diseases and multiple pathologies
  1. Reinforcement of the budget in R + D + I, and commitment to national research, especially in those centers that research on the search for treatment and vaccine of COVID
  1. Legislative coordination in health matters to eliminate duplication and avoid resorting to constitutional exceptionality
10. Establish adequate and sufficient financing for the entire health system, which includes boosting human resources with a reinforcement in the workforce, as well as establishing a purchasing center to make the acquisition of material cheaper. For this, it is necessary to have a health compensation fund or with aid from the EU. At this point it is important to strengthen the leading national research centers and a specialization of hospital centers for the most complex pathologies. A determined commitment to rural health is necessary

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