Visita al economato de Cáritas en el barrio madrileño de Tetuán

Holders of their declarations:

· He is concerned to hear the government question the method of counting the deceased and demands to have certainty about their real number, since there could be many more, as some autonomous communities and municipalities point out.

· "A country in the Europe of the 21st century cannot buy masks from non-homologated, reliable and honest suppliers," he says after learning that the Government has removed defective material that it had already distributed to the Autonomous Communities.

· He again demands that the Executive extend the rapid tests because "if there is no test there is no evaluation, and thus it will be very difficult to recover normal life" and only in this way will we protect the population, avoid spikes in the disease and waves of contagion in the autumn.

· Reminds the Government that the Autonomous Communities have been providing basic income to more than 700,000 families for years and what they must do is "centralize and coordinate" them with communities and municipalities, which know the needs of the most vulnerable closely.

· It reiterates the measures proposed by the PP, such as the exemption from inheritance tax and donations to the relatives of the deceased by Covid 19 and social aid to those who remain in a vulnerable situation.

· Stresses the solidarity of the Spanish to continue helping those who do not have the essentials to fill the shopping basket, a circumstance that in the coming months may worsen.

· He praises the work of Cáritas, "one of the organizations of which we can be most proud and now focused especially on helping older people", for which he thanks volunteers, workers and all those who collaborate with those who need it most.

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