Casado requires Sanchez to apply the National Security Law to take control of the Security Forces and close "that bad call" Catalan intelligence agency.

"What are you waiting to raise the resources of unconstitutionality to the resolutions passed a few days ago in the Parliament?" Casado asks the acting president.

It demands the Government to put an end to the pacts of the PSOE with independentistas in municipalities of Catalonia and the Diputación de Barcelona.

"Since last Thursday I have extended my hand to the Executive to support any action that guarantees security and coexistence in Catalonia, either with basic legislation or with the mechanisms contained in the Magna Carta".

It refers to the law of parties so that any party that encourages violence can be illegal.

Remember that a year ago the PP asked Citizens to raise a motion of censure to Torra and, now that "finally" they have announced, confirms that his party will support him.

"You have to see if the PSC takes off the mask," warns Casado, who notes that "even if this motion is not won, the Catalans will see that there is an alternative and that they are not alone."

He advocates overcoming “exclusive speeches” that want to put up barriers and defends political offers that foster unity.

He criticizes the "hypocritical" position of Sánchez who, "with one hand wants to get votes from the constitutionalists", and with the other does not close the door of the abstention of the independentists in a possible investiture.

"I guarantee that, with a seat more than Sánchez, we will form a fast government," says Casado, who emphasizes that the PP goes out to win and once again reaches out to Rivera to present the Spain Suma coalition.

Explain that PP and Citizens would add more going together than separately and remember that "the Spanish are tired of going to elections" and want generosity.

He emphasizes that the PP will propose a proactive campaign, because "early-morning Spain needs politicians to help them live better."

He describes the latest report of the Bank of Spain as "devastating" and recalls that the indications of GDP employment and Social Security affiliation show that Spain cannot raise taxes and have such an "irresponsible economic position."

Remember that the PP left the coffers clean and says that "people want to unlock, seriousness and bet on the party that has already done it", alluding to the seven million jobs created by the governments of the Popular Party.

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