Intervención de Pablo Casado en la clausura de la Escuela de Verano del PP de Aragón

He highlights the "firm" commitment to Arrimadas to continue governing in Madrid and points out that Ayuso and Aguado have "the same objectives and political principles"

  • He affirms that in Madrid "there is a solid government that is going to fulfill the four-year mandate at the polls" by lowering taxes, promoting freedom of educational and health choice and improving the lives of citizens.
  • He accuses Sánchez of doing nothing, attacking the Community of Madrid and trying to overthrow a legitimately formed government, while demanding a state framework instead of entering like "an elephant in a china shop"
  • He denounces that Sánchez sent Illa to the self-determination table in February and to agree with Torra when the WHO and the EU were already talking about a pandemic and that measures had to be taken
  • "Sánchez must explain why he wants to investigate what happened 80 years ago and not what happened 80 days ago and the management of the pandemic that has taken the lives of more than fifty thousand people," he says in reference to the government's refusal to support the initiative of the PP in Congress on the political responsibilities of the covid
  • He warns that the PP will go to the European authorities if Sánchez decides to "assault" the Judicial Power and calls on him to comply with the Constitution in the election of the members of the CGPJ
  • Remind Sánchez that if he wants to renew the CGPJ, a depoliticization of the process must be guaranteed and that Podemos has nothing to do with it because it is an agreement between two parties
  • "We can not be in these negotiations because he is accused of irregular financing, he attacks the King, the Judiciary and wants to govern with Bildu in the Basque Country and agree on the PGE with the independentistas," he says. "I do not sit down to negotiate with those who want to subvert the constitutional order through the back door," he adds.
  • He assures that the PP would have presented a motion of censure if it had had the necessary votes and an alternative majority, and stresses that the initiative favors the Government's "Chavista strategy" of dividing the opposition
  • He remarks that in the last survey, which coincides with the Kitchen case, the PP is the only party that grows, 14 seats since the last elections, and it affects that it separates three points from the PSOE, the only party it wants to win.
  • The leader of the PP wants Sánchez to "leave now" for which the union of the center-right is essential, as he has been claiming for a long time. "As long as we go three parties against two, the Electoral Law will make the center-right lose the elections with more votes," he recalls.
  • How is Pedro Sánchez going to give me lessons when he has three ministers in his government who were advisers to Chaves and Griñán, accused of his vice president and the Secretary of State for Tourism, and the ministers Celaá, Calviño and Duque with opaque companies ? ”, He wonders
  • It emphasizes that the Monarchy will always have the support of the PP and that "we are not going to allow smoke screens that stain the Transition"

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