Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Casado demands Sanchez not to wait “another minute” to send a request to Torra and comply with his legal and constitutional obligations
  • He calls on Sánchez and Iceta to stop “dolls and ventriloquists” in their approach to nationalism and asks the Executive to act to prevent the Generalitat from releasing prisoners convicted by the Supreme Court
  • He assures that if the National Security Law had been applied, the Mossos would not be “retaliated” by Torra, surely there would not be a police officer in the ICU and the security and freedom of the Catalans would have been guaranteed
  • “Sanchez cannot continue in an exercise of political funambulism: either he is with the legality and the Constitution or looking the other way when Torra appeals to the insurrection. There are no more balances in the wire ”
  • After the letter from the European Commission says that history repeats itself: “the float that the PSOE always promises in the campaign turns into a pumpkin when the elections pass”
  • He warns the Government that he cannot hide information or deceive the Spaniards because he cannot propose "a blank check" and that we learn from Brussels that it is "a check without funds"
  • Claims Sánchez "responsibility and transparency" because if we will not see again that the PSOE is synonymous with unemployment, waste and public deficit
  • He affirms that the Ford ERE is the consequence of the Government's demagogy when it comes to demonizing diesel engines that is putting the automobile industry at risk and asks him to stop sending uncertainty messages to the sector
  • He advocates to facilitate the work of entrepreneurs and that the ceramic industry has a greater empowerment favoring the reduction of energy, labor flexibility and facilitating bureaucratic policy
  • Stresses the momentum given by the PP Government to the Mediterranean Corridor executing 14 thousand of the 23 billion budgeted. “When I am President of the Government, the Corridor will have my support,” he says.
  • It expresses its concern about the agri-food and citrus industry that is going through the worst campaign in decades and suffering from unfair competition. Ensures that MEPs Margallo and González Pons "will fight" for European aid to reach the field
  • Show your solidarity with those affected and relatives of the deceased by the temporary DANA
  • It highlights the excellent opposition work of Isabel Bonig in the Valencian Courts that gives voice to the Valencians, who want alternatives to the policies of the PSOE and its partners in the Valencian Community

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