Pablo Casado, durante su intervención en el debate de investidura

Holders of his intervention:

  • Casado vindicates the Constitution "as a way for those who comply with the law and wall for those who attempt against it" and Felipe VI, "symbol of the unity and historical continuity of Spain", against the attacks "of the radicals that support the Sánchez's candidacy. "
  • He pays tribute to all victims of terrorism "who were outraged" and defends his legacy "against anyone who intends to harm what they died for: the Spain of freedom."
  • "Hearing the executors of ETA speak of authoritarianism, of terror or of the last train, in a hemicycle in which we only fit half the number of people killed, produces an infinite nausea, as José María Múgica denounced yesterday."
  • He responds to Sanchez paraphrasing Azana when he said "I tolerate them attacking the Republic, but I will never tolerate them attacking Spain."
  • He accuses Sanchez of having put the future of Spain in the hands of terrorists and coup "at the cost of dismembering the State and liquidating constitutional socialism."
  • "The Spaniards cannot be taken hostage to guarantee the votes of their investiture, nor to the rule of law as a currency of their pathological personal ambition."
  • He says that what is put to the vote today is not the government that the Spaniards chose at the polls, "but exactly the opposite."
  • "You have agreed to remain in government at the price of changing the 78 system, and not because it does not work, but because it works and very well against your partners who have systematically betrayed you."
  • He points out that when the socialist candidate talks about the coexistence of sovereignty "he is assuming that it is worth taking the national unit to the cutting room in order to remain in power."
  • He regrets that Sánchez assumes a contradiction between democracy and legality, "when there can be no democracy without the rule of law." "The law is the price of freedom, and freedom is the prize of the law," he adds.
  • He reminds Sánchez that there is no more legitimate power than what the laws grant and warns him that “nationalism intends to turn his crime into his source of law and power” with his consent to continue in La Moncloa.
  • "This week we have finally discovered what was inside that Russian doll: the most radical partners who never dreamed of participating in the governance of Spain."
  • He believes that the future of the PSOE "would be worth more honor without government than government without honor" and accuses Sánchez of having crossed the Rubicon by defecting his constitutional obligations. "No one dared so much ever."
  • He denounces that the socialist candidate has become the "straw man of nationalism," instead of being "a man of state."
  • “When you are more comfortable with those who attack the Constitution than with those who abide by it, they have stopped being constitutionalist.”
  • He says that the PP will fight "the worrying populist cantonalization" that breaks solidarity and equality, and that it will lead a "national regrouping of constitutionalists who do not want to return to the anaphalinated Spain invoked by the future Government."
  • He advocates the construction of a new social majority that can also house social democrats "orphaned by the drift of sanchismo, who prefers reform to rupture, concord to confrontation, equality to privilege, progress to paralysis and freedom to sectarianism."
  • “Either we save everyone's or nobody will save theirs. There can be nothing more if there is less Spain, ”he says.
  • It places as the only hope of millions of Spaniards that Sanchez deceives his allies "as he did with his constituents and thus his government lasts little".
  • “You cannot invoke the dialogue to destroy the dialogue par excellence, which is our Constitution,” says Casado, while recalling that in Spain “we already dialogue, we reconcile and set the rules of our democracy”
  • “We will never propose that fear change sides, because we have no side, because two sides are not a whole country, but a country torn apart”

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