The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has pointed to Pedro Sánchez as "solely responsible for the political blockade in our country," while criticizing that it took two months without any effort to get his investiture to go ahead.

In this sense, Casado has highlighted the "contradiction" that is the fact that Pedro Sánchez governs with Podemos and nationalist parties in institutions such as the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​the municipalities of Badalona and Castelldefels and intends to do so in communities such as Navarra and yet , at the national level, responsible for the non-endowment to those "we are at the antipodes of what they propose".

Also, during his speech before the media after attending the inauguration of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco as president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Casado regretted not knowing "what Pedro Sánchez wants to do in Spain in the coming years or how he wants govern".


With regard to the government pacts in the Community of Madrid and the Region of Murcia, the president of the PP has said that the investiture in Castilla y León should be an example for these two communities and has been optimistic with meetings in which Work is done to lower taxes, improve social services and create employment.

In this line, has advocated that both PP and Citizens and Vox feel represented in the programs and lines of action of the governments of Madrid and Murcia.


On the other hand, Casado praised the figure of Juan Vicente Herrera "who has left the pavilion very high", as well as that of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, of whom he has highlighted his management experience and his knowledge of the Castilian and Leonese Administration and the needs of citizens.

Likewise, he thanked the "responsible position" of Citizens in Castilla y León and the abstention of the deputy of Vox, so that the autonomic government is satisfied while it has urged the political formations to work so that the legislature is stable.

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