Casado denounces that Sanchez only wants the PP as "alibi" in his investiture, while waiting for the "certificate from jail" to sign the agreement he has freely chosen, excluding the main opposition party

  • He criticizes that the only offer that Sánchez has transferred to him, after having asked him five times, is to ask for his abstention to facilitate a Government with Vice-President Churches, which would be “lethal to Spain”. "For this trip, there was no need for saddlebags," he says.
  • He sees Sánchez “trapped and in a dead end”, who has joined his destiny to Podemos and has proposed not to depend on ERC, proposing different options that can give stability to Spain
  • He warns in reference to independence that "the tiger can not ride and will not become a vegetarian" and advances that in the end "devour" the PSOE. “They cannot ask us to enter the cage because that would be the worst thing that could happen to Spain”
  • Stresses that the PP can not be the party that launder the PSOE pact with Podemos and regrets that it remains installed in the "no no" to any alternative that does not go through the training led by Pablo Iglesias
  • He assures that no one in Spain would understand that the PP facilitates a Government with United We can, since it would be like asking Sánchez to facilitate a PP Government with VOX in the vice presidency
  • He explains that Sanchez has more alternatives, which go through a government alone with the support of Podemos and Citizens, or the same formula with those of the left and regionalists, and the possible abstention of C’S
  • Proposes again to facilitate the governance of the country, through eleven State pacts, which represent an "open door to the stability of Spain"
  • He considers Sanchez heir to the tradition of a PSOE who has already ruled several times with ERC, with whom he has already appeared in coalitions and who advocates interlocution with independentist parties
  • Ironizes that "Minister Montero has been amended by Minister Montero", something that "seems like a joke of Gila" and announces the request for his appearance in Congress. “The comparative grievance with the rest of the communities is very worrying and we will reach the last consequences to avoid it,” he says in reference to the intervention of the accounts of Andalusia

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