It praises the national loyalty shared by government and opposition that allows common ground. "It is impossible to make democratic politics without a nation"

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, claimed on Thursday the Spanish nation and said that "there is no room for a Spanish nationalism opposed to various peripheral nationalisms because Spain does not need to be built as a nation: it already is." “It is not only about avoiding the secession of a territory. It is about preventing the definitive denationalization of Spain, preventing its national disarticulation and preventing that, in order to satisfy the atavism of a few, we take away the citizenship of all. This is what we play and for what we need to add all the wills that think so and feel it, he added.

Pablo Casado has closed the act “Spain in defense of the common”, A day organized by the Popular Party, open to civil society and in which the GPP spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, participated; the one that was the founder of UPyD, Rosa Díez, the writer and academic, Álvaro Pombo, Ana Losada, president of the platform for a bilingual school in Catalonia and Alejandro Fernández, president of the PPC.

The popular leader has explained that “democracies find their foundation in national loyalty, loyalty that is supposed to be shared by government and opposition, by all political parties and by the electorate as a whole. Without national loyalty, the dispute between parties becomes an irreconcilable challenge, and political disagreements do not create any common ground and discussion becomes impossible, ”he reflected.

In this regard, he stressed that “even to discuss you have to put yourself on a common plane. It is impossible to play chess without a board, football without a field, tennis without a court. Therefore, it is impossible to make democratic politics without a nation. It is the national loyalty, what we call patriotism, which allows concord without the need for agreement. ”


The president of the PP has defended the Spanish nation as "subject of sovereignty, holder of the constituent power and foundation of the Constitution itself." “The Constitution does have insurmountable material limits. Those who affirm their unlimited plasticity do so thinking about their liquidation to give rise to self-determination, to a Confederal State or directly to the rupture, ”he explained.

He also regretted that the left, as of 2004, has been dedicated to courting “the nationalists as new constituent partners” by launching “a process of galloping deterioration”. “It is not uncommon for those who try to break our coexistence to attack one of the pieces that has made it possible, the monarchy. More than ever in these times of uncertainty the stabilizing role with which he performs his task is revealed. In recent months he has demonstrated once again the responsibility with which he performs his task, a responsibility that others lack, he has added. "


The popular leader has highlighted the two major attacks suffered by the Spanish constitutional model: the Ibarretxe plan and the Catalan secessionist coup. Pablo Casado recalled how since 2006 he has been talking about "closing the model"; "The device principle First and then, the power attributed to the Autonomous Communities to reform their Statutes of Autonomy indefinitely in an expansive sense, when not openly unconstitutional, could not lead to a permanently open model, ”he added.

“Since 2010 the question must be taken as a ditch. The Judgment of the Constitutional Court on the Statute of Catalonia outlined the limits of the autonomous State. After it, it cannot be argued that the distribution of competencies remains open or indeterminate, ”he said.

Finally, the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, said that “the continuity of the historical existence of Spain is the guarantee that freedom, equality, justice, solidarity can be maintained and, if possible, improved. and the prosperity of all. ” “The Constitution is not the problem. The extremist struggles that seek to erode it pay the best tribute. But it does not defend itself. Freedom neither and national coexistence either, ”he insisted.


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