Holders of his intervention:

  • Pablo Casado says that there is only one option that guarantees the alternative to Sánchez: "Today the PP has the same options to govern as he does."
  • Remember that Sanchez tried to force a third election in 2016, thinking about “his personal and partisan interest” and now, in the referendum-referendum he has organized to raise his continuity in the Government, “those who want a change, only have the option of vote for the PP ”.
  • He states that "all the surveys agree that the PSOE has not stopped falling in recent months and the PP has not stopped rising, so it predicts that" we can win and we will dispute the Government to Sánchez. "
  • He highlights that Sanchez has already said who he wants to agree with, "with the radical left of Podemos and the nationalists who made him president thanks to a negative coalition, based on a falsehood," in reference to the motion of censure.
  • "Who does not believe in Spain should not preside over Spain, it is not much to ask," he says in reference to the commitment to the plurinationality of Pedro Sánchez and the question that Patxi López posed in his day: Pedro, you know what a nation is.
  • He proposes to recover in Catalonia "an agenda for harmony and coexistence" and asks Sánchez to guarantee public order.
  • Sanchez tries to hide some economic figures, as Zapatero did to reach the elections, that's why we "are prepared to rescue Spain from the crisis in which the left leaves us".
  • Remember the data from the last EPA that shows how up to one million households have already grown again with all their unemployed members.
  • He criticizes Sanchez's proximity to the Maduro and Cuba regimes. "His is not the solidarity Spain that raised its voice against dictators, a reference in America of freedoms and the rule of law, a beacon of prosperity and democracy."
  • Stresses that Sánchez is not going to come to Galicia throughout the campaign because "he does not like Galicia, because he does not win and knows that he cannot compete with the policies of the PP"; while he does care about Galicia, his problems hurt him and he commits himself to the demands of the Xunta.
  • Casado stresses that the PP is committed to measures in terms of Health, Pensions, Dependency and Housing because it is the party of families.
  • Announces a Maternity Law that supports with tax relief on income tax, IBI, the Tax of Documented Legal Acts to those who want to have children; In addition, it will abolish inheritance and donation tax, present a national plan for labor conciliation.
  • "Where the Popular Party governs there is always a family friendly administration."
  • “We are the party that wants to make it easy for the Spanish. We are the guarantee to represent everyone. I want to govern with 47 million Spaniards, serving them and being useful, without imposing our program and ideas, but being at the service of the Spaniards, because we are the political project open to the new social majority of Spain ”.
  • It supports the celebration of the Climate Summit in Madrid, whose administrations have already been put at the service of the organization and reminds Sánchez that the PP cannot give him lessons in the Environment.

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