Pablo Casado en el Pleno del Congreso

Asks Sánchez if he lives "a parallel reality", when he comes to Congress to applaud and give himself self-congratulation, while Spain has lost 45,000 compatriots to the coronavirus, with 7 million Spaniards who want to work and cannot and with a "worrying" situation due to the outbreaks, which has led half the world to put us on the black list of unreliable tourist countries

He reproaches the "triumphalism" of the Government and that he is going to stumble a second time with the same stone, for which he demands humility, less lies, less arrogance and face ineffectiveness in management when taking measures

Remember how the Popular Party has reached out to the Executive and, seeing it overwhelmed, asks it to end triumphalism, urging it to try to end the outbreaks, since Spain is the most uncontrolled country in the EU

It proposes an alternative plan with a single sanitary command, a legal agreement and carry out an "express reform" of organic laws that authorize limiting mobility or establishing quarantines without resorting to the state of alarm

It affects reaching a State agreement based on the Cajal Plan: "If we close ourselves here in August, we can move it forward", as was done with the Toledo Pact for pensions and demand an agreement for health care, medical research, the national industry and the care of the elderly

He predicts that, if the government takes action and then they are drastic, the economic closure can be "brutal", so that Spain may become the country that comes out of this crisis the worst.

He reproaches the Prime Minister that, with data such as that of the EPA, with a million Spaniards who have lost their jobs in the last quarter, he comes to Congress to applaud and offers solutions: lower taxes, labor flexibility, eliminate bureaucratic obstacles , influence training, competitiveness and reindustrialization

Urges Sánchez not to tolerate that Vice President Iglesias "side with those who are in prison for doing something that is against the Constitution" and reproaches him for not appreciating that one of those who have returned to prison encourages them to fail the Law when you don't like it

He values ​​the European Recovery Fund proposed by Merkel, Úrsula von der Leyen and Christine Lagarde, of the European People's Party, and does not understand why Sánchez remained in a passive listening attitude and left the rest of the leaders to decide

He assures that Sánchez presents himself in Congress with "a full-scale rescue, a third of the skin of the bear that has not hunted" and demands that he use these funds well, because "Spain needs a policy of good sense, economic growth and convergence with the great European democracies, something that the blue bank of Congress suffers from ”

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