Holders of his intervention:

  • Casado warns that the PP will go to Justice if “interested leaks” are confirmed on the Advocacy report and announces that he will request the appearance of Minister Delgado and the head of the Advocacy to “know the whole truth”.
  • It summarizes 2019 as the year of a “great void” and the “scam” of Sanchez for not fulfilling anything promised. "Spain is going badly and the most dangerous thing is that it has prospects of getting worse," he adds.
  • He denounces that this year has also been the transfer of Sánchez to independence because he has been governing "against Spain and satisfying some partners who go against the institutional scaffolding of the country."
  • Alert about the “fiscal ax” of the new Government that will aggravate the economic slowdown, and reproaches that Sánchez has hostage the pensioners in an investiture negotiation.
  • "Some have to make him look," says Casado in reference to the PSOE seconded that Leon is separated from Castilla y León, and says that his party will act strongly against any councilor who "puts a success story in check, although be it by mistake ”.
  • Advances that the PP will request the appearance of the ministers Robles and Marlaska to clarify the "embarrassing incident" that occurred at the Mexican embassy in La Paz, on which Sanchez has been "timid for I do not know what dark pacts with Podemos."
  • "Spain returns to change allies, is again at dawn with countries that liquidate democracy and persecute political opponents."
  • Proclaims that Sanchez will be "the only one responsible" for an investiture agreement that includes the independentists after having refused to explore the alternative route, which would involve C’s and Navarra Suma with the PP supporting the governance of Spain.
  • Send a message of hope to the Spaniards before the alliance of the PSOE with the separatists to underline that the PP will watch over their interests and will not allow "any constitutional or statutory mutation." "We will live up to the circumstances and we will be the retaining wall in defense of the Constitution," he adds.
  • He explains that his party cannot participate in the investiture of those who have excluded the PP for 16 years and that he also does not give guarantees to fulfill any conditions. "The Spaniards understand that the PP cannot become president of Sánchez and vice president of Iglesias."
  • He urges the Socialists concerned about Sánchez's drift to express themselves "loud and clear" to prevent the government from being "taken for granted".
  • Censorship of the institutional degradation to which Sánchez has led Spain – using the CIS, RTVE, the Permanent Deputation or the public budget -, instrumentalizing the Transition and incurring a lack of transparency on corruption cases that affect the PSOE and its partners .
  • "It cannot be that Sánchez's members have a differentiated social reproach than the center-right parties have had."
  • He emphasizes that the center-right would now be governing if that space had not been fragmented, but it reaches out to the Government that results so that the country's governance does not depend on the radicals.

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