Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Casado stresses that this legislature will be “very helpful” for the Community of Madrid, which “must continue to be the beacon of good policies at the national level, of the ideas of freedom and prosperity, which is the only way to finance the best public services in Europe ”
  • He assures that the programmatic proposal that Díaz Ayuso has presented for the region, which goes through a tax cut, educational and health freedom, job creation and digitalization, “can be the demonstration of what we want to do at the national level when there are elections and we win them ”
  • It contrasts the “improvisation, the blows, the demagogy and the unilaterality” of the Government in the matter of immigration, in front of the dual policy proposed by the PP, which contemplates the defense of the borders “without demagogy, supporting the Security Forces and Bodies of the State ”, and international cooperation and, at the same time, solidarity policies and a Marshall Plan
  • He criticizes that Sánchez "is not doing his job", because he should "have used these two months to negotiate and try to reach an agreement with the political forces with which he has agreed in city councils, councils and Autonomous Communities"
  • Urges the socialist candidate to explain when he begins the new round of negotiations with the political parties "why he is not reaching an agreement with Podemos or offering anything to other parties", in reference to Citizens
  • He reiterates that the PP will not facilitate his investiture and recalls that, although his party offered Sanchez to give stability to the legislature so that it was not in the hands of the radical left, “we obtained the silence by response”
  • He explains that Sánchez has not called him either for the investiture, or to address immigration policies, renewal of European charges or economic slowdown, and that “it would be good if the opposition and the Government had communication on these issues and that the Government gave explanations”
  • “If Sánchez calls me to talk about unlocking the situation, I will be delighted, as I have always done. He and his party deserve all my respect, but his project and candidacy do not deserve our support. ”
  • He emphasizes that “in the face of the next elections, the center and the right, if you want to win and govern, you have to go together, which does not imply that we lose our acronym, personality, trajectory or program”
  • “Spain Suma is an electoral platform for a specific moment in Spain, where we play it at an economic, territorial and international level”
  • He affirms that “if there were new elections, which nobody wants, the smart thing would be to reach some kind of electoral alliance, agreement or strategy to go to the polls so that electoral proportionality does not reduce the translation of votes in seats favoring the left "

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