“We are not going to allow our country to be sent to the cutting room. We want to recover hope, we will wake up from this bad dream and we will return to a Spain that creates employment and proud of what we were and what we will be in the future ”.

He affirms that we have witnessed a “massive deception” to the Spaniards regarding the urgency of having a government and stresses that Sanchez would not have won the elections had he recognized that he was going to agree with ERC and the separatists condemned by the Supreme Court.

He emphasizes that in the face of this radical government "which is very bad news for Spain," the PP will have to "sew the wounds" because "a country with two sides in a country torn to pieces."

Betting on a firm opposition and appeals to the hope of the Spaniards "who want to turn the page of this ultra government as soon as possible and give shelter to all the socialists ashamed of the drift of their party."

Faced with a Sánchez who has made "an investiture tailored to his own interests", Casado defends to remain a solidarity country in which there are not two Spain.

Claims the autonomous governments of the PP as a dam to contain policies that can be imposed on Sánchez "defending educational and health freedom or lower taxes."

He warns Sanchez that he will not be able to reform the Constitution or the statutes of autonomy or apply any kind of discretion "with the territories that depend on us."

Criticizes that the same leader who based his career on the No means no, has not allowed freedom of vote to its deputies and has "demanded obedience to a party that has been in the arms of Bildu and Esquerra."

He wonders if Page, Lambán or Vara agree with the drift of the socialist government.

"We plan to avoid radicalism on the left and broaden the bases and regroup constitutionalists so that this government lasts as little as possible and does the least damage to the Spaniards."

"We are going to make a firm and effective opposition in Congress, in any sector and on the street before a government that is bad for Spain."

He points out that the most important thing in a developed country is inter-territorial solidarity against the federalism posed by the left, which is based on inequality.

Remember that since April the PP tried to have a center-right union that would have won the elections and explains that Sanchez obtained 167 yeses and 165 noes, the latter being “1 million and more voters”.

"We must all go together and not make the mistakes that have led us to the worst government in the democratic history of Spain."

He denounces that Sánchez "threw a motion of censure to a government that was good for the Spaniards" while his party has been sentenced for 700 million euros, its leaders accumulate 300 years in jail and have as ministers three former Chaves advisers and Griñán.

He criticizes socialism "for the pernicious effects it generates." "I am not paid for my philias and my phobias but for defending the interests of the Spaniards," he concludes.

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