El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, en la VIII Edición del curso de verano ‘Prensa y Poder’, organizado por el Colegio San Gabriel bajo el título “La España vacía y vaciada tras la pandemia

• Affirms that ranchers and farmers cannot be “the heathens” of the reconstruction fund and that European aid cannot be “peronized” or used for “client networks” • Commitment to create a National High Commissioner for the management of European reconstruction funds

• "The PP is not in the fashion of the field, it has left the field, it is our life, we have grown as a political formation in the towns of Galicia and Castilla y León and defended equal opportunities for all Spaniards wherever they live", remember • Remember the outstretched hand of the PP "that comes from behind" with the Pact against Depopulation of 2018 as demonstrated by "reality and the newspaper archive"

• It proposes five points to structure the policy in favor of the fight against depopulation:

1. Guarantee the digital and transport infrastructures by the public powers

two. Administrative bureaucracy. Bet on "the administration close to the neighbor." The bureaucracy has to be reduced and "be" kind "to citizens in rural areas. "Minimum bureaucracy to start and live"

3. Taxation and labor flexibility. It affects the flat rate in the rural environment for the self-employed and entrepreneurs and an "attractive" tax system. Coverage of offices, ATMs and connectivity of social networks and the internet and promotion of the industrial initiative, for example, with the industrial estates

Four. Public services with schools with 5 students, school transportation; offices for few people with doctors who can move; social services with home, telematic or telephone care; nursing homes or emergency medical transport

5. Entrepreneurship network and productive fabric for the subsistence of the rural environment focused on:

Field sector. He reiterates that for the PP "with the field you don't play" and will fight in Europe to keep the funds of the CAP. "After the management of Zapatero and Espinosa, we are not going to take communion with mill wheels"

Inland tourism: a sector that has its own specific weight. Casado recalls that the PP has proposed a crash plan to revive tourism, which includes, among other measures, financing the PCR of foreign tourists; that there are no overnight fees, a 25% reduction in airport charges, a super reduced VAT for the sector in the years 2020-2021; that the ERTE be extended until the end of the year or the first quarter of 2021 and that, of the European recovery funds, 30% go to tourism

Rural leisure, which can lead to population fixation and the entrepreneurship and logistics sector

• He believes that "it is essential that the press continue to do the work of counterbalance to power, that it cultivates, trains and reports and denounces what is being done wrong, although sometimes some have to lose their lives for it"

• He defends concerted education and remembers that the Spanish are under the "umbrella" of the Constitution that guarantees educational freedom, and criticizes the inconsistency of the ministers who demonize education and private and concerted health but then make use of it

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