Holders of his intervention:

  • Casado announces that tomorrow the PP will be “generous”, as he did with Spain Suma, and will offer his votes to those constitutionalist parties so that they have representation in the Bureau of Congress and the Senate.
  • "Our position is that those parties that may have representation at the tables, if it depends on our votes, will have our support."
  • He warns that the PP will never participate in sanitary cords against parties that defend national unity and the Constitution and advocates a legal sanitary cordon towards those who have not condemned 800 murders and have been accused of sedition by the Supreme.
  • Casado stands before the negotiations of the PSOE with Podemos, independentistas and Bildu that question the Spanish nation: “That cynical moral eclipse has to come to an end. We can get here, ”he emphasizes. “We are not going to leave or they are going to throw us out. Let it be clear, ”he adds.
  • "Sánchez is not going to buy the presidency at the price of national sovereignty, nor at the price of the destruction of the democratic and moderate alternative that the PP represents," he says.
  • He emphasizes that the real problem is that the PSOE does not claim help "because it is not doing anything it does not want to do." “It drives the political project that it wants and it does so with those who have decided to be its partners,” he adds.
  • It is categorical to any modification of "political engineering" that involves a modification of the Constitution: "The PP will ensure that the Spanish will continue to keep intact their right to decide on any change of the Magna Carta, and will only be changed by the procedures we agree everyone, ”he says.
  • He emphasizes that "the PP is, today, the only party that has both feet in the Constitution" and criticizes that the PSOE has begun its negotiation with ERC by unilaterally rewriting article 2 through the PSC.
  • The leader of the PP affirms that he will always negotiate with “loyalty and guarantees” when “he is asked as he should and for the good of Spain”, but “never” to accept blackmail at the expense of national sovereignty ”. "Neither a sword nor a wall," he concludes.
  • "We are required to assume a perverse dilemma: or we accept voluntarily disappearing as an alternative to socialism by making President Sánchez, or Sanchez threatens to make us disappear by carrying out a mutation of the system from the left and nationalists."
  • Casado warns that "he is not going to make president the worst socialist of the last forty years who threatens to blow us off the system" nor will the PP make "change the system for the braves with the excuse that we do not make him president."
  • "We have the secretary general of the PSOE negotiating sovereignty with defenders of terrorism, criminals and coup", says and regrets that "We are witnessing a true normalization of the aberrant, the eccentric and the self-destructive" and Given this situation, "for some we are the problem."
  • Ensures that "the tactical success will not be enough in this situation. ” "What Spain needs of us today is that we continue on our site", therefore advocates that the PP stay “firm and convinced that we are the solution and not the problem”.

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