Pablo Casado clausura las jornadas

"The Public Health Law of 2011, which is in force, specifically mandates the Ministry of Health the sole command, and what we are seeing in that second wave is an example of disloyalty that I have not seen in any country in the world"

He accuses Sánchez of moving only in propaganda and demands that he abandon "all hope of ending the PP alternative"

He regrets that “in just one week the OECD, the IMF, Eurostat, the Bank of Spain and Funcas have worsened their forecasts due to the disastrous management of the government, which instead of accepting the pacts offered by the PP is dedicated to attacking him with a perverse use of state institutions "

He warns that the European Commission has stated that the PGE were not necessary to obtain the funds and thus denied the campaign to pressure the PP, while the Government negotiates the accounts with separatists and batasunos.

He assures that this crisis is wreaking havoc in the countries with the most incompetent governments, "with Sánchez at the top of all the statistics of economic destruction and employment"

"It cannot be said that a good economic project is being negotiated for Europe, while a destruction project is being negotiated for Spain"

He points out that "receiving aid" from the EU is a failure and Spain does not have to feel condemned to that repeatedly, "as if it were a curse"

He explains that this relationship of "dependence and weakness with respect to Europe is not produced by Spain, it is produced by the left." "And especially this socialism, that of now, which has voluntarily put itself in the hands of radicals, separatists and populists," he adds.

Remember that the PP has been "two years offering the PSOE state pacts apart from its communist, pro-independence and batasun partners, on issues that concern the Spanish and our European partners"

He denounces the contradiction in which the Government finds itself, which "pretends to believe that it seeks Europeanist agreements with the PP, while developing anti-European agreements with its real partners." "He despises the proposed agreements that I myself have made", he highlights

It highlights that the PP has reached out in the negotiation of European aid funds, proposed by the PP and "defended by our colleagues Merkel, Von Der Leyen and Lagarde"

Alert of the "clear desire" of the government to take advantage of the crisis "to reform society and not the State so that society is less free." "I am not going to join this apology for socialism due to the coronavirus pandemic"

“You cannot create wealth and employment for a country while destroying that country. The cost of non-Spain, like the cost of non-Europe, is also measured in unemployment, broken families, lost opportunities, hopeless young people, inequality and poverty ”, he emphasizes

He argues that "today we are again at a national crossroads: to remain active and important members of the European project or to become a problem again, to be irrelevant in decision-making and economically and politically dependent"

“Spain is more; Spain can and must do more; Spain knows and wants to do much more than ask for help after every socialist failure "

“If the current Government of Spain expected to obtain in Brussels the success that it does not find here for its distraction maneuvers and its grotesque manipulations, it would be seriously mistaken. It would harm Spain and it would harm Europe. But I'm afraid that is exactly what he intends ”

He extols the "brilliant European history" of the PP, which allowed our country to be "for the first time on the starting line" of the creation of the euro, "the true re-founding of Europe"

He is committed to reforming the State so that it is "more agile, stronger, able to serve a freer, fairer, more active and less dependent society" and refuses to accept the "counter-reformist agenda that some seek to impose taking advantage of the impact of the crisis"

"At the core of our democratic system is the word freedom, which summoned us in 1978 and on which the best political, economic and civic experience in Spain and throughout Europe has always been built"

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